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NYMM: What You Need to Know

Talk Around Campus: Savannah State University was put on lockdown after a student at the college was shot and killed in the student union. (College News) A young Texas man is receiving financial assistance for college due to his extensive volunteer work with the Community and Children’s Impact Center. (Cleveland Advocate) Officials and administrators are …
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NYMM: Not a Stylist, but a Fashion Artist

They say that you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl, even if that girl moves 826 miles away to Michigan. This was exactly the story of now 22-year-old Fatou Niang. The Senegalese West African native was raised in New York and eventually moved …
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NYMM: 14 More Months of Mess

Three of Jeb Bush’s top fundraisers left his campaign on Friday. Sources are unsure whether they were asked to leave, willingly left, or moved to his Super Pac instead of staying on his official campaign. Moreover, sources dispute that their departure was due to internal personnel disagreements with campaign managers and other affiliates. Now, the …
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NYMM: The Lawrence-Schumer Punch Line

For those of you not acutely attuned to Jennifer Lawrence’s every move, you might not be aware that she has recently partnered up with comedian Amy Schumer to write a screenplay. One can only hope that it will be as funny as Trainwreck, or heartfelt as Silver Lining’s Playbook, but I definitely have very high …
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NYMM: No Escape from No Escape

No Escape was not nearly as bad as it could have been and that is the best dozen-word review of this movie you will hear all day. The story of a family caught in a Southeast Asian country in the midst of a revolution, No Escape goes through the typical motions of a contemporary action/thriller, …
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