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Apps Every College Student Needs

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Tight budgets and ambition define today’s college students. For a demographic hungry for learning and nights out, apps like Campus Special, AroundCampus, and Kruue are an unspoken blessing. From school supplies and groceries to restaurants and drinks, discounted rates are a click away.

Campus Special
If you can’t make your way downtown, Campus Special is the perfect combination of couponing and
take-out. The app allows users to redeem great deals and discounts all year from subscribed businesses within their college town, as well as earn loyalty rewards and receive notifications on promotional deals and eateries surrounding their campus. With the app’s extensive location-based restaurant listings, users can order food right away via their smartphone and have it delivered to the door or ready for pick-up after class lets out.

As the largest and most respected college-specific app in the nation, this app provides tons of intel on your college town’s local businesses, allowing you to familiarize yourself with all the steals and deals within the surrounding area of campus. With lots of categories, from Apartments and Housing to Health and Beauty, and even a job and internship search feature, AroundCampus helps users take advantage of all their college town’s opportunities available with a simple click. Accessible online and via mobile app, AroundCampus links users with coupons, menus, delivery options and other great promotions in multiple categories, including the “Around Town” feature, which concentrates specifically on restaurants and stores. Other features of the app include “Local Deals” and “Super Steals” options. AroundCampus makes savings a stress-free and simple endeavor for students, faculty, and staff alike.

An awesome couponing app, Kruue offers quality deals “every time you scan.” By scanning your university’s specific Kruue Code when you make a purchase, your mobile will produce a scratch-off containing redeemable offers each time you scan. The more you scan, the more deals you redeem. Each code can only be scanned once every 24 hours, but the app’s offers extend from restaurants and sub shops to pubs, bars, and concert venues, complete with a Campus Newsfeed feature, a real-time listing of various events and concerts happening within your surrounding area.

One of the most extensive networks of college dining and nightlife, UConnection covers great deals on bars, pubs, and eateries across the nation. Users need only sign up via their campus email, and instantly the app connects local business and merchants with the campus community, forming a web of interconnection and savings. The app lets users be the first notified on up-to-date steals and events within the local area, as well as cutting restaurant bills and tabs in half.

A solid discount finding and uploading app, RoverTown has various student discount options, including
Local Student
,” Online Only,” and Dollars for Downloads” deals. With hundreds of subscribed colleges and universities across America, RoverTown notifies and provides thousands of daily discounts on hotels, off-campus living options, and restaurants specific to your university’s surrounding area. Additionally, with the “Dollars for Downloads” feature, users can earn $1 for each friend that subscribes to RoverTown using the recommender’s unique referral code. With RoverTown, students can save over $50 per month on food, retail, nightlife, and so much more.

You can’t learn on an empty stomach, but with these college-specific apps and sites, you’ll never have to. Rest assured, these apps can give you the most bang for your buck.

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