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Casey Peta

    • The Power of Women’s Colleges

      What comes to mind when you think of women’s colleges?

      Badass WomenCasey PetaAugust 10, 2016
    • Deals on Tap

      Here is the deal on the best savings this week – and not without a healthy dose of freebies in celebration...

      EatCasey PetaAugust 1, 2016
    • Beyond Body Language

      Which compliment is more common: “You’re pretty” or “You’re brilliant?

      Do GoodCasey PetaJuly 27, 2016
    • Dog Days of Deals

      As we head into the last week of July, the dog days are definitely here, but so are deals on flights,...

      EatCasey PetaJuly 25, 2016
    • Don’t Leave out Paternity Leave

      You might remember a couple years ago when Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy was criticized for taking time off after the...

      Badass MenCasey PetaJuly 25, 2016
    • Save During the Heat Wave

      Now that the second annual Amazon Prime Day, the king of “Black Friday in July” events, is over, you might be...

      EatCasey PetaJuly 18, 2016
    • Keep Calm and Spa On

      When you are busy thinking of others, it is easy to forget about one very important person: yourself.

      EntertainmentCasey PetaJuly 11, 2016
    • Land of the Free

      Today more than ever, “The Star-Spangled Banner” reminds us that the United States is the “land of the free” – freedom,...

      EatCasey PetaJuly 4, 2016
    • A Shaggy Dog Story

      Man’s best friend has a new best friend, and her name is Annie Blumenfeld.

      Badass WomenCasey PetaJuly 4, 2016
    • The Red, White, and Half­Priced

      You have heard of “Christmas in July,” but what about “Black Friday in July?

      EatCasey PetaJune 27, 2016
    • Farmerettes: Women on the Farm

      What do “Old MacDonald,” “The Farmer in the Dell,” and the many other characters nursery rhymes and children’s books about farms...

      Badass WomenCasey PetaJune 22, 2016
    • From Hope, For Comfort

      Some say investing in a nice set of pajamas is self-empowering because it is for you and no one else.

      Badass WomenCasey PetaJune 20, 2016
    • A Voice of Moral Reason

      Psychology is the study of who we are and why we do what we do, while moral psychology is about how...

      Badass WomenCasey PetaJune 15, 2016
    • Just Give Her Some Space

      How many times have you felt uncomfortable because a stranger, or even a friend, was all up in your personal space?

      Badass MenCasey PetaJune 13, 2016
    • Positive Punishment for Online Harassment

      Whether it be in a videogame or the comments section, many women have been sexually harassed online.

      Badass WomenCasey PetaJune 8, 2016
    • Post-Memorial Day Deals

      The Memorial Day rush may be over, but that doesn’t mean the deals are gone.

      NYC LifeCasey PetaJune 6, 2016
    • Investing in Women Entrepreneurs

      Over 10 million entrepreneurs are women, yet, because of challenges such as a lack of knowledge about informational technology and a...

      Badass WomenCasey PetaJune 1, 2016
    • Purchasing (Em)Power

      Believe it or not, you have the power to empower women in your pocket.

      Badass WomenCasey PetaMay 30, 2016
    • Play Like a Girl

      Google “collegiate female athletes.

      Badass WomenCasey PetaMay 25, 2016
    • Stop the Traffick

      You may think of sex trafficking as something that only happens in faraway countries and movies like Taken.

      Badass MenCasey PetaMay 23, 2016
    • Let’s Make a Deal

      Memorial Day sales are just a couple weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you should hold out until then.

      EatCasey PetaMay 16, 2016
    • The Zine Scene

      Few people buy physical magazines anymore, opting to read them online instead, but the NYC Feminist Zinefest is bring back the...

      Badass WomenCasey PetaMay 11, 2016
    • How to Date Career Women

      It is becoming less and less common to see housewives welcoming their husbands home from work with a pot roast in...

      Badass MenCasey PetaMay 9, 2016
    • The University of Leadership

      Most women don’t get the chance to study the political leadership gap in college.

      Badass WomenCasey PetaMay 4, 2016