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Jon Karr

Jon Karr

  • Dead Cures Exclusive

    Dead Cures happened naturally – three artists working on a project who found something altogether new.

    EntertainmentJon KarrFebruary 29, 2016
  • Worst Music Trends of 2015

    There were plenty of bad songs in 2015, so a “Top 10” list would be easy enough to compile.

    EntertainmentJon KarrJanuary 4, 2016
  • REMMI (Exclusive Video Release)

    From the depths of a rolling, full sonic landscape, REMMI’s voice doesn’t just sing – it also speaks.

    Be FunJon KarrDecember 21, 2015
  • Good News for Women

    Talk Around Campus: Ida Scudder was remembered on what would be her 145th birthday for creating India’s first medical college for...

    Badass WomenJon KarrDecember 14, 2015
  • Matthew Szlachetka Goes Solo

    Matthew Szlachetka may already be known for his role in the highly successful Northstar Session, but, as one door must close...

    Be FunJon KarrDecember 7, 2015
  • Songs of Mikaela Davis

    While the harp is an instrument often relegated to classical music, Mikaela Davis shows us that it should not be so...

    Be FunJon KarrNovember 23, 2015
  • Artist: SVRCINA

    SVRCINA has a sound that has been years in the making.

    Be FunJon KarrNovember 9, 2015
  • Artist: Jeff Campbell

    Jeff Campbell is a songwriter’s songwriter.

    EntertainmentJon KarrOctober 12, 2015
  • Artist: Poema

    Poema’s “Forget You in LA” is on one level an easy, dreamy pop tune.

    EntertainmentJon KarrSeptember 28, 2015
  • Artist: Charlie Oxford

    Charlie Oxford doesn’t talk like a rock star.

    EntertainmentJon KarrSeptember 14, 2015
  • Artist: Dustin Ransom

    With a virtuosic ability that is comfortable in many different shoes, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dustin Ransom has laid down his own...

    Be FunJon KarrAugust 31, 2015
  • What You Need to Know

    Talk Around Campus: Hillary Clinton will reveal a $350 billion plan which is supposed to make college more affordable and help...

    Be InformedJon KarrAugust 11, 2015
  • What You Need to Know

    Talk Around Campus: The Illinois College of DuPage is under federal and state investigation for falsifying enrollment figures.

    Be InformedJon KarrAugust 7, 2015
  • What you Need to Know

    Talk Around Campus: Missouri lawmakers have made it exponentially more difficult for several hundred students to attend college this fall.

    Be InformedJon KarrAugust 5, 2015
  • NYMM: What you Need to Know

    Talk Around Campus: Saint Mary’s College, a Roman Catholic women’s college in Indiana, is opening its doors to men for the...

    Jon KarrAugust 4, 2015
  • What You Need to Know

    Talk Around Campus: United States Administration has announced the Second Chance Pell Pilot Program, which could give inmates Pell Grants in...

    Be InformedJon KarrAugust 3, 2015
  • Artist: Midnight Mantics

    “Throwback” isn’t quite the right term for what Midnight Mantics is doing.

    Be FunJon KarrAugust 3, 2015
  • What you Need to Know

    Talk Around Campus: A former Chinese librarian admitted to stealing and replacing more than 140 famous paintings at a gallery under...

    Be FunJon KarrJuly 22, 2015
  • What you Need to Know

    Talk Around Campus: Many low-income children assume that college is too expensive for them, which is why only half of them...

    Be FunJon KarrJuly 21, 2015
  • What You Need to Know

    Talk Around Campus: A University of Maryland professor’s extra credit question went viral.

    Be FunJon KarrJuly 20, 2015
  • Artist: Young Brother

    Young Brother sounds like that bootleg tape you made when your favorite song came on the radio and you managed to...

    Be FunJon KarrJuly 20, 2015
  • What you Need to Know

    Talk Around Campus: Chattanooga State Community College is on lockdown after a police officer was shot nearby.

    Be InformedJon KarrJuly 17, 2015
  • What you Need to Know

    Talk Around Campus: Julie Rodgers shocked Evangelicals everywhere when she was hired at the historically Christian school, Wheaton College, as an...

    Be InformedJon KarrJuly 16, 2015
  • What You Need To Know

    Talk Around Campus: The son of a Boston police captain was arrested for plotting to attack college campuses in support of...

    Be InformedJon KarrJuly 15, 2015

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