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Blue Mail: Decluttering Your Email

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Email is a wonderful invention that has made communicating as easy as a simple click of a button. Everyday we are inundated with more and more emails – probably too many to count. This causes our inboxes to explode with information about Groupon deals, Facebook posts, tweets, spam, and updates about work-related information. We can delete, archive, or even try to open every single email, but sometimes we end up missing important messages.

So, what do we do when we are overwhelmed with emails? An app called Blue Mail can help make your life easier by sorting emails into groups and clusters.

As the company states in their blog, “To be able to focus on what is really important [in our emails], we need a smarter way to aggregate the information and act on what actually matters.” Blue Mail works kind of like a hub for your emails. You can add multiple email accounts and switch between them easily.

Blue Mail Groups makes it easier for you to communicate with the people you email regularly. You can create groups so you do not have to insert individual contacts into emails all the time. You can also assign a name and photo to each group, which will make them easier to identify. As they said in their blog, “Since a lot of your emails involve the same groups of people you regularly communicate with, we created the ability to define, send, and receive messages within Blue Mail groups naturally.”

Clusters are a new app feature that offers the ability to organize your emails into groups or folders. Blue Mail will cluster together similar emails, like newsletters and work-related information, which removes a lot of the clutter we normally see in our inboxes. You can also organize your emails into folders. Clusters allow you to easily mark a section, folder, or group of emails as read. The app will even add an avatar and a name so you can identify your clusters.

Blue Mail says, “Some email providers tried to clean the inbox with tabs of social, promotions, forums, updates or others; while the inbox may seem cleaner, important emails are being lost, sometimes forever or irrelevant by the time you look at them.” This app will make sure you never miss emails that come into a cluster.

According to their blog, “Any email that comes into a cluster also acts as a reminder for the previous emails you might have missed, so as soon as a new email is received from that service, the email cluster pops up to the top of your inbox and you never miss this tweet or that Groupon deal.”

Blue Mail is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.


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