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Nailing Nail Art with these Easy Tips

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You know what they say; nail art is good for the heart – okay just kidding, but having a fresh manicure that you can’t stop looking at is definitely a great way to lift your spirits! (And wasn’t that a great rhyme?) We all know how indescribably annoying it can be to mess up on your nails, and then have to tactfully clean with acetone while also trying not to ruin them.  

If you want to experiment with some beautiful nail art without these (rage-filled) moments, we have four great DIY nail art tricks that are as Instagram-worthy as they are pride inducing. Perhaps the elimination of stress with these tricks will actually make nail art good for the heart.

Perfect Nail Designs

Gone are the days where you have to position your nail polish brush in exact fashions to doodle a simple heart, thanks to Sharpies. DIY YouTube channel TheTalko says that with this trick, all you have to do is apply your base coat and then doodle on whatever designs you’d like with your choice color of Sharpie!

Removal is easy in case of mistakes and the whole process takes up much less time than using actual polish. Let your marker designs dry and then apply a clear coat on top if you own any. If you don’t, the Sharpie should hold up just fine on its own.

Ombre Nails Color Hack

Do you want the coveted ombre nail style but are lacking enough variations of the same color to work with? No worries! All you need is some white nail polish. This way, once you choose the color you want to use, you can create the variations of it by mixing modified amounts of the white polish with your color on a piece of foil.

Cleaning Up without Cleaning Off

It’s always difficult to avoid getting drops of polish on your skin, or swiping a stripe of color without getting some on your finger. Luckily, this tip is treasured for its ability to eliminate the mess from home manicures.

TheTalko suggests that before you paint your nails, apply glue on the skin surrounding each nail. Then, continue with decorating your nails. When you’re finished painting, you can simply peel off the glue protecting your skin, and it will instantly remove any nail polish you accidentally left behind. This also works with Vaseline!

Glitter Removal

Removing glitter is always the worst, due to the never-ending flakes of glitter and seemingly endless amounts of nail polish remover needed to get it off of your nails. To make glitter removal easier, TheTalko says to take a cotton ball and rip it into ten small pieces. Soak each piece in acetone, and then tape one piece to each fingernail, allowing the soaked cotton ball to work through the glitter. Do this for at least ten minutes. When you remove the cotton balls and wipe the glitter away, you’ll be relieved to see that you just finally solved the enigma that is glitter polish removal.

Here’s to salon-worthy nail results, as well as a salon-worthy, stress-free process along the way.

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