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Spooky and Stylish Fall Decor

October - being the spookiest month - is also the best time to get crafty with some eye-catching fall home decor!
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October – being the spookiest month – is also the best time to get crafty with some eye-catching fall home decor! Not only can you properly greet Halloween with these easy-to-make pieces, but you can also channel autumn’s glow right inside your home.

Candy Corn Candle Centerpiece:candy corn

There’s a tongue twister for you. Unlike the pronunciation, this piece is very easy to make! You will need candy corn, clear glass hurricanes of different sizes (who knew they were called that?), and wide candles of the same size, preferably in colors matching the candy corn.

To make the centerpiece, fill the hurricanes almost halfway with candy corn, and then nestle the candles in the center, making sure they are sturdy and mostly above the candy. Now you have a lovely centerpiece that’s complementary of October’s trademark holiday, while also remaining complementary to our favorite fall colors! For safety, be sure to blow out the candle before it burns below the candy. For some extra spirit, you can place these candles next to some little pumpkins or gourds.

Painted Acorns:

Up for a little trip outdoors? For this craft, you’ll need a small bowl, paint, and acorns, the amount of which is up to you. Once you’ve gathered your chosen amount of acorns – leaving a few in their original color – paint the rest (excluding the top shell) in fall tones, such as orange, gold, red, and maroon. Try and use matte paint or more muted tones to avoid ending up with a bunch of extremely bright acorns. Once they are dry, pile them up in your bowl as a centerpiece! You can also add little pinecones, gorgeous collected foliage, and potpourri for more fall flair.

Crabapple Arrangement:crabapples

Do you have a crabapple tree in your neighborhood? If yes, snap off a couple branches for this project. If not, a faux plant section from Michaels will also do! Remove all the leaves from the branches so as to show off the berries, and then place each limb in a vase of its own. In fact, grouping different-sized vases can create an even better visual! You can also hang a little ghost or spider off of a branch to channel a Halloween mood. The prettiest part of this plant is the fruit, so let’s show it off for fall. This craft is like fall’s version of using holly branches for decoration during wintertime.

These charming DIY tricks and treats will bring a cozy fall feel to your home, while also getting you excited for Halloween night. Happy October!

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