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Turn a Bookshelf into a Storage Bench

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Organization can be really tough, especially when you feel cluttered with things that you need to hold on to but don’t have specific places for. Shelving is an easy thing to buy from IKEA, but the odds and ends you can gather over the years are not always the most aesthetically pleasing things to put on shelves.

To remedy this, NYMM has found a way to turn a shelving unit into a bench with drawers. This piece does not take up a lot of floor space, and it provides seating and storage!

1. To Begin
You will need to purchase a shelving unit (you can also just reuse one you have at home). The amount of rows and shelves is up to you, depending on how much you want to store. We recommend no more than two rows, as the unit will be too tall to sit on comfortably as a bench. Any color will do, so choose one that you think will work best with your room.

2. Next
You can turn the shelf on its side so that the long end is on the ground and the back of the unit is against the wall. Inside each shelf, you can make your own drawers using a variety of containers. Cubbies, plastic bins, baskets, and many other things will work depending on what you want your bench to look like. You can easily slide these in and out of the shelves, making them simultaneously cute and functional! This project shows your personality; so don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit with this step. You can even take cardboard boxes and decorate them yourself!

3. Last but not Least
To add some comfort to the bench, add some cushioning. Purchase pieces of foam and fabric, then attach the foam to the top of the bench and then cover the foam with the fabric of your choice. Another option is to purchase pillows or cushions to place on top of the bench.

This project is entirely based on your own tastes and preferences, so it can be a lot of fun! The piece will add extra storage, seating, and a personal touch to any room.


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