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10 Online Activities to Help You Stay Connected this Winter

As COVID-19 guidelines continue to keep friends and loved ones physically apart, many people have gotten creative and found ways to stay connected online. Just because we may not be able to gather right now, doesn’t mean girls’ night is canceled! Here are some fun activities to do with your friends while staying safe from the comfort of your own homes.

Teleparty (Netflix Party)

Teleparty, which was previously known as Netflix Party, has garnered significant popularity online since the beginning of quarantine. The extension connects with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO and allows users to synchronize their screens so you can watch the same content in real time. You can connect up to 10 users to one party, and participants are able to chat in a window on the side so everyone can comment on whatever show or movie you stream. Consider movie night back on!


Omegle, which has been around since 2009, has regained popularity over the pandemic. The website allows users to talk to strangers via text chat and video chat. Talking to strangers online with your friends has become a fun and chaotic way to make fun during quarantine.

Virtual Escape Rooms

While most in-person escape rooms are closed because of COVID-19 restrictions, friends who love puzzles and challenges are still able to participate in virtual escape rooms. While the rules or structure may vary from company to company, usually, participants join a video conference and teams encounter a number of digital clues and puzzles they must solve before time runs out. Virtual escape rooms can engage your friends and family in a creative and analytical way.

Zoom Powerpoint Night

Zoom Powerpoint Night may sound like a boring school project, but in reality, you can make it way more fun. A popular trend that started on TikTok, participants each prepare their own presentation on a topic of their choice. The hashtag #powerpointnight has even accumulated over 90 million views on TikTok. This is the best time to get creative! You can make it personalized, such as “Fictional Characters My Friends Would Date,” or niche like, “Things That Aren’t Edible But I Want To Eat”. This can be a great way to connect with friends and can become really funny if you get creative.

Multiplayer Online Games

While video chatting with friends is always fun, it can get boring after awhile. Inviting your friends to compete with or against you in multiplayer games can add a level of entertainment by bringing out your competitive sides. Mario Kart, Roblox, Psych!, Codenames, Among Us, and Skribbl are some engaging multiplayer games that can spice up your Zoom calls.

Virtual Card / Board Games

If you’re missing game nights, many companies have created online versions of traditional games that allow players to participate in their favorite games while being far away from each other. Games like Clue, Monopoly, UNO!, Battleship, Cards Against Humanity, Yahtzee, and Scattergories all have digital versions so you can keep your competitive streak going.

Look at Memes Together

Instagram recently installed a new feature on the app that allows users to video call each other and look at the same feed in real time. Rather than just sending each other memes, now you can look at them together. You can even watch anything from full-length movies to Instagram Reels to celebrity photos on Instagram while still video chatting.


Want to elevate your group video calls? Houseparty is perfect for that. Users who download the app receive notifications when their friends are online, and users can join the parties of any of their friends who are online. The app also allows friends to play games together while video chatting, creating a fun and engaging experience. They’ve also recently added a Fortnite Mode, which lets friends play Fortnite together while staying connected via video.

Create Google Polls With Your Friends

While Google Forms may traditionally be used as an educational tool, many friend groups have started to create personal forms, ranging from a “Who Knows Me Best” quiz to a “Who In Our Friendgroup is Most Likely To…” poll. This can be a great way to see how well others know you and include funny and personalized questions.

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