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10 Springtime Cocktails That Will Cure Your Winter Blues

If you’re having trouble shaking your winter blues, nothing will lift your spirits quite like a springtime cocktail. Upgrade your virtual happy hour with these unique concoctions. Move over, mimosas!

Bees Knees

This classic and sweet cocktail is the perfect drink to sip outside on a nice day. The lemon and honey combine perfectly for a bright concoction! Use Empress 1908 Gin to create an aesthetically pleasing, deep purple drink that’s sure to impress your guests.

Cucumber Mint Gimlet

This light and summery drink will make any good day into a great one. The cucumber and mint allow for a refreshing beverage. This is the perfect cocktail to start off an outdoor summer dinner!

Pineapple, Mango, and Basil Sangria

If you’re a fan of traditional sangria, this drink is a must-try. This fruity twist on a classic drink packs a huge amount of flavor in just one glass. The tropical recipe will be a crowd-pleaser, guaranteed. For an even fruitier drink, opt for peach schnapps instead of St. Germain!

Frozen Watermelon Margaritas

Frozen watermelon margaritas, which are packed with fresh fruit, will definitely propel you into the summer mindset. On hot days, cold slushy drinks are a MUST. Garnish with Watermelon Sour Patch Kids for an extra sweet delight!

Whiskey Peach

This beautiful bright orange drink somehow tastes better than it looks (if that’s even possible). The sweet and sour combo may be a bit dangerous since this drink is very strong yet very tasty. Pro tip: add some ginger ale for a more subtle flavor.

Alpine Summer Punch

For a strong mixed drink that will keep your guests wanting more, opt for the Alpine Summer Punch. This fizzy and fun drink is perfect for making in big batches that will wow your friends and family. If you want to make its presentation even more pretty, garnish the drink with orange slices. Yum!

Pink Moscato Strawberry Lemonade

This crowd-pleaser is the perfect beverage to keep by your side at the beach or poolside. If you’re looking for a stronger lemonade flavor, consider using Pink Whitney in the drink. It’s easy to make and delicious AF. Make sure you serve it chilled!

Blue Hawaiian

This electric blue cocktail is the perfect refreshment to cool down with on a warm day. As a bonus — the coconut flavored rum will put you in the vacation mindset, permanently.

Raspberry Lemon Drop

If you’re looking for a romantic drink to warm your heart, a Raspberry Lemon Drop should be your drink of choice. This beautiful red drink is well-suited for date night and girls night! Saying this drink is Instagram worthy may just be an understatement, especially if you add pink or red sugar to the rim.

Iced Green Tea Mojito

This drink may just be my go-to this summer. If you’re a fan of mojitos, this drink takes it to the next level. With antioxidant rich green tea and only 110 calories per glass, this is the perfect drink if you’re trying to stay healthy this summer.

As more people get the vaccine and life begins to return to normalcy, it seems in-person happy hours may even become a reality for many this summer! Impress your guests with these unique and refreshing drinks as you reminisce about quarantine. Cheers!

Photo by Mae Mu via Unsplash

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