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15 Things Women Actually Want

By way of social media or a few unbearable conversations, the things women want in life and relationships have been misconstrued into ignorant conclusions. The real answers are simple, not so dramatic and take some meaningful work.


A little extra attention goes a long way. Your partner isn’t demanding anything outrageous from you. Just a confirmation that you are still interested, and they are doing their part in the relationship.


Communication doesn’t mean talking every day or every minute. It means being responsive and listening during conversations. You must practice taking your partner’s feelings into consideration to avoid arguments and make healthy dialogue a habit.

3.Making Money

Women enjoy independence, especially financial independence. Maybe your partner doesn’t want you to buy them everything underneath the sun. The feeling of her making her own income to buy herself things may be more fulfilling.

4.Thoughtful Gestures

You want your partner to know you are paying attention. Helping with bags or the dishes or whatever you know makes them sigh in frustration will show your dedication.


It’s simple. Food doesn’t mean $100 dinners or extravagant table views. Food can mean street tacos, takeout Chinese or those big cups of fruit from the grocery store. Don’t sweat it, just feed them.

6.Meaningful Conversations

Talking about nothing serves no one in the conversation. But dialogue about something your partner is passionate about has the power to make their whole day.

7.Homemade Dates

COVID presented the prime time for staying in or going out safely. Picnics are a great and easy way to spend time together as well as your basic movie night. There are tons of other creative ways to spend time with your partner. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

8.Things from the Grocery List

Unnecessary gifts are sweet sometimes. But, if you noticed they’ve been holding off on buying some more bread or restocking on cotton rounds, go ahead and stock up for them. They’ll be grateful for the weight you lift off their shoulders.

9.House/Room Décor

Women enjoy something new to put on their shelves or walls. A little something to spice up their space can have a huge impact. From succulents to candles, you never know what small addition might make a great impression.

10.New Music

You know by now that music is a great way to bond with someone. Don’t be stingy with your new findings. Make a playlist or send a song that’s on your mind and they’ll appreciate not only the thought but also the new tunes for their daily shuffle.

11.Simple Surprises

Here is your opportunity to think outside the box. Either it’s a surprise trip or a gift they were never expecting, a little suspense can spice things up.

12.Care Packages

Flu season is coming. Why not put together a gift bag of essentials? Or, maybe they’re just having a rough day. Affirmation books are accessible and a decent price and most likely their favorite candy. For a low price, you can make their day.

13.A Little Showing Off

Be proud of having your partner all to yourself. They don’t want to be hidden or not introduced to your friends. You don’t have to post them every Wednesday, but once in the blue it will make them feel good.


Whether they did something huge or a small daily accomplishment, being their cheerleader will brighten their day. Especially for women struggling with mental health, little wins set the tone of their mood.

15.Something New

Never been hiking? Ever done a road trip? Now is the time to try something new. While following the safety precautions of course, think about something that will give the both of you a new experience and point of view. Great adventures make the best stories!

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