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Here’s How 2020 Seniors Are Celebrating Graduation

Despite the challenge, 2020 seniors are celebrating graduation. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate graduation in quarantine!

Graduation season has landed in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak, and seniors in college have struggled to celebrate their accomplishments amidst trying circumstances. Despite the challenges, seniors have found ways to uniquely celebrate graduation

Here are some of the best ways to celebrate graduation to the best of your ability, even in quarantine! 

1. Virtual Zoom Graduation Ceremonies 

Zoom has become a very popular conference platform for everything from birthdays to weddings—and now graduations as well! The virtual celebration can even include a mock ceremony—the graduate’s parents read off their name and give them a handcrafted diploma. Even though it won’t be the same as walking across the stage and accepting your diploma, it’s a nice way to get closure amongst family and friends! 

2. Transform your home into your college town 

Many college seniors have quintessential college bars and spots on campus they would have frequented throughout graduation weekend. With your most creative family members, find a way to transform your home into your favorite college bar or campus spot for graduation celebrating! 

3. Decorate your front or back yard with school pride! 

Using your school colors, mascots and logos, deck out your front or back yard with decorations to reflect the place you worked toward your degree! With neighbors being able to see the celebration and the school pride on display, graduates can feel a little bit more at home. 

4. Make a video!

Compile clips of all of your graduate’s favorite people, friends, and family members wishing them a happy graduation and congrats on their accomplishments! This personalized video is a great way to compile all of the people your graduate hoped to share this moment with, even if not in person. 

5. Have a photoshoot!

Just because your cap and gown won’t be used for its purpose on graduation day doesn’t mean it can’t be worn. Have your family dress up for the occasion and celebrate your graduation with all the pomp and circumstance you can muster, even from home!

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