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5 Amazon Necessities for This Summer!

Summer has officially arrived, and with it comes plenty of sun soaking, pool floating, and Amazon necessities. Whether relaxing at the lake, the beach, or just in your backyard, these products are sure to add some extra fun to your long summer days!

Keep your drinks afloat and nearby with these adorable and super functional drink floaties. Whether you’re looking for a flamingo, watermelon, or a duck to bob with you while you cool off, Keledz has plenty of colorful options from which to choose. This pack of nine inflatable holders comes with a hand pump and can fit any small items you want to keep dry and upright in the water with you.

Lawn games bring the party, and what’s better than bringing the whole dang bowling alley? Perfect for all ages, this summer-themed lawn bowling set comes with 10 wooden pins, 2 mini bowling balls, and a mesh bag set for easy storage. Play while you wait on your burger at the cookout, or keep the kids occupied on a hot day. This set is a great addition to any afternoon. As the company says, “Hey! Play!”

Eno has been all the rage lately, and for those of us who have been holding out, summer is our time! This durable and portable hammock makes relaxing in the sun easy no matter where you are… well, as long as there are trees nearby. Perfect for camping, hanging by the creek, or just looking for a little R&R in the backyard, this DoubleNest has got your back (and your arms, legs, and head as well).

The perfect summer snack is popsicles. It just is, okay? And while those store-bought syrupy ones definitely hit the spot, the cost can get a bit bothersome. So for a more economical, healthy, and creative approach, these molds can make those cravings melt away. With bright, fun colors and a cleaning brush, all you have to do is add your favorite juices, fruit chunks, or even chocolate milk, and throw these molds into the freezer for a few hours then tada! Popsicle!

The final product is an absolute necessity sunscreen! Easy to forget in your rush to the outdoors but absolutely vital for a day under the rays. Using your preferred SPF strength (though I’d recommend upwards of 30-45), your skin will thank you in the end for keeping the sunburn at bay. Plus, Neutrogena sunscreen won’t clog your pores or look greasy on your skin, so really there’s no excuse not to lather up!

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