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5 COVID-proof Plans for Halloweekend

Halloween plans have come to a halt as COVID numbers rise during the Fall. However, celebration is still very possible. Check out these safe ways to celebrate the holiday.

1.Movie Night

The best way to spend Halloween is on the couch with a friend watching scary movies. Many cable networks have taken to special move marathons and Netflix has sectioned off all the classics for you to choose from. Be honest. The highlight of Halloween is either the costumes or the cinema. So, pop a whole bunch of popcorn, grab some candy and turn the lights out like you’re at an AMC. Just keep an eye out for any paranormal activity.

2.Drinking Games

Booze makes every holiday a little more interesting. If you’re of age, invite a few friends over to indulge in a night of competitive shenanigans. Banana words, UNO, Monopoly and more are all on the table. Get creative and make up your own spooky themed games! Whoever jumps first while watching a horror movie has to take a shot. Make sure to make a whole bunch of food and snacks so no one wakes up with a headache.

3.Costume Contest

Just because trick-or-treating and house parties are cancelled doesn’t mean the dressing up part is. Manifest into reality all of your costume ideas. Don’t the Party City commercials tempt you? Challenge your friends to a group theme like Bob’s Burgers or The Cheetah Girls. Prizes can vary but the point is to keep the Halloween spirit and make the best out of it. Instagram will appreciate the pictures.

4.Virtual Party

A Zoom chat never hurts. People have been celebrating birthdays and other occasions through video. So, why not Halloween? You can share the audio from your computer to play music, send out e-invites and demand everyone wears a costume of some sort. Even if it’s cat ears. Video chats have allowed us to still spend time together in the virtual realm. Find someone with an upgraded Zoom account and get the gang together.

5.Pumpkin Carving

If you haven’t gone pumpkin picking already, this is a great excuse to do so. You can also grab one from your local market. Prepare your kitchen table for the mess to come, pumpkin will be everywhere. If you plan to put them on display, you can also buy small electric candles to light up the inside. You can grab some cheap paint if anyone doesn’t care to carve. Keep a bottle of wine near and see how hilarious everyone’s pumpkins look.

Photo by Sergej Eckhardt from Pexels

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