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5 Fitness Youtubers to Subscribe to Now

Check out the following badass fitness youtubers who are ready to make you sweat!

Whether your gym is closed, you don’t have the time, or simply prefer a home workout, fitness youtubers are here to save the day. With the prevailing pandemic stress, people are looking to the internet for ways to help resume normal living. If you are having trouble with quarantine workouts, these fitness youtubers are here to help. They offer so many different types of workouts and are committed to helping you through your fitness journey. Check out the following badass fitness youtubers who are determined to get you back on track.

1. Lottie Murphy

Pilates fans! Lottie Murphy, pilates enthusiast and fitness guru, offers a variety of pilates workouts that aim to target muscles such as the glutes, abdominals, and back. She creates content suitable for all, from beginner to expert. Lottie has many fitness videos perfect for when you have no time in your day to fit in a long workout, most of which range from fifteen to thirty minutes. In addition, she loves to provide viewers with various challenges to help motivate and keep moving. Finally, she is offering pilates zoom classes and has created workout playlists that are saved to Lottie’s website.

2. Juliette Wooten

Juliette Wooten is a fitness trainer, HIIT coach, and nutrition coach. Determined to help viewers move out of their comfort zones, she offers many different types of workout videos including pilates, yoga, HIIT, full-body strength, abs, and cardio. She is committed to showing viewers the joy of being able to see their progress in order to stay on track and consequentially have outstanding results. Juliette coaches with enthusiasm, but also has a calming presence that is soothing for any nervous beginner. Her videos are incredibly accommodating, as she provides a range of lengths and types.

4. Heather Robertson

Heather is a personal trainer, fitness model, and health and wellness expert. If you’re looking for a channel offering literally every type of workout, this one’s for you. Heather’s channel includes HIIT, booty building, sculpt/toning, cardio, abs, strength and endurance training, and more. Plus, she combines simple workouts to create fused workouts such as yoga HIIT, cardio strength training, and strength endurance training. You will never be bored! Finally, Heather offers “How-to” videos in which she provides tutorials and discusses common fitness mistakes. She offers more expansive information on her blog, as well as free workout programs and workout plans. Since many of her workouts require zero equipment, there is no room for excuses on Heather’s channel!

5. Caroline Girvan

Caroline’s fitness channel aims to help viewers build their strength and cultivate balance. She offers workouts such as HIIT, bodyweight only, core & abs, all of which aim to allow you to make gains while enjoying the different workouts. Caroline has videos ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour, and with her in front of you demonstrating each move and correct form, you can follow in suit seamlessly. Her challenges spur viewers to keep pushing themselves in an effort to ultimately see their results. She has created a free 10 week program where you can train with Caroline herself.

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    November 22, 2020 at 1:17 pm

    I’m in love with JULIETTE WOOTEN style
    To me she is one of the best , if not the best trainer
    I enjoy her sessions big time and I try my best to workout daily
    She is amazing and I’m sure she will have a bright future
    Her love and passion to what she does are rare


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