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5 Ingredients You NEED in Your Face Masks

The weekend is approaching and it’s time to do some self-pampering. Who doesn’t love a good face mask to sit in for 20 minutes? However, a lot of face masks being advertised these days contain good looking ingredients but not the ones your skin needs. Check out these five ingredients to scout for when it’s face mask time.

1.Tea Tree Oil

Red or inflamed skin? No worries. Tea tree oil will sooth all that redness and irritation. Your skin goes through a lot in one day. Especially skin that is typically sensitive. Literally, the wind blows and your face will go straight tomato. Your face masks need an ingredient to calm your skin down and also prevent acne. Also, make sure it’s safe for the face. The skin on your face is different from the skin on your body.

2.Aloe Vera

Speaking of soothing, aloe is one of the best ingredients to relax your skin. Whether it’s a burn, redness, or any other kind of skin reaction, aloe will leave your skin relieved and hydrated. Aloe’s benefits include scar healing from when those pimples you weren’t supposed to pop but did anyway. It’s also a great balance to any other ingredients in your mask to keep your skin from being irritated. Whether in a mask or straight from the thick leaf, aloe is a safe haven for anyone with dry skin.


Not only does it smell good enough to eat but honey face masks contain amazing properties to tend to your skin’s overall health. Honey has antioxidants to help your skin become stronger to fight against fungal and cystic acne. Honey also repairs your skin’s moisture barrier as well as digs into your pores to bring those impurities to the surface. And to add to your natural glow, honey helps even your skin tone and blur away hyperpigmentation. For the women struggling during allergy season, be warned that honey may contain traces of pollen.

4.Kaolin Clay

When looking for a clay mask, make sure kaolin clay is at the top of the ingredient list. Clay face masks tend to be better suited for people with oily skin because it controls oil production and can be overly stripping to dry skin. Kaolin, in particular, does exactly what you need for getting rid of clogged pores and preventing acne. While working hard to exfoliate and detox the skin, you’ll be surprised by how soothed and smooth your face will be.


Pumpkin face masks have only become popular as of lately. However, they are popular for very good reason. Pumpkin is an anti-aging ingredient packed with vitamins such as vitamin C to give your skin a natural glow and protect against sun damage. In addition, it’s an ingredient friendly to all skin types, oily dry and combo. Fall is on the way, snatch a pumpkin while you can!

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