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5 Kitchen Gadgets You Need

Are the Amazon ads confusing you on what new addition you need to your kitchen? You’re not alone. However, there are a few essentials that truly deserve a spot on your counter. Check out these five kitchen gadgets worth your money.

1.Air Fryer

Forget cleaning the oven, or decrusting the frying pan. Air fryers can do the same job easier and almost better. They are super convenient for defrosting and cooking frozen foods. Fresh vegetables can be roasted within minutes. Also, if you’re worried about the oils from pan frying or deep frying, air fryers can do the same job with less saturated fats.

2.Multi-use Blender 

Not every blender is reliable. You want one that will get every chunk of frozen fruit and mix all your ingredients into something drinkable and not mush. But a blender that also has attachments for food processing comes in handy and ultimately saves you money. You can make your protein shake and prepare your marinade with the same device.

3.Sillicon Tools

Your beloved non-stick pans still have high potential to be scratched up with metal or wooden cooking tools. Silicon tools make it easier to scrape up any overcooked pieces on the pan and tend to be way easier to clean off. Whether it be scrambling eggs, stirring soup or frying meat, instruments that can making cooking easier and cleaning even easier.

4.Espresso Machine

Coffee lovers, you probably already have one of these. At some point, going to Starbucks everyday will become financially inconvenient. Why not make yourself a quick cappuccino to start your day? Many people would settle for a regular coffee maker, but espresso drinks tend to taste better and have more of an energy kick.

5.Hand Mixer

Not your traditional hand mixer but the upgraded version that is easier and way cooler. One that can do the same job but with less weight on your arm. We know you get tired mixing that cookie batter. The single whisk hand mixer is good for your baked goods and whatever else you like to make also providing easy storage. Dreading the pie filing you have to mix? This handy tool will make the job easier and quicker.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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