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5 Recipes to Get into the Fall Spirit

1.Peach & Apple Everything

The top Fall fruits are apples and peaches. You can do just about anything with them. Ever tried peach dumplings? Super simple! Take a can of those croissant rolls you keep for a big breakfast, some canned peaches (or fresh and cooked down), some sugar and a stick of butter and you have a masterpiece. Cobblers are a favorite too, especially around the holiday season. Apple picking season is here so you might as well grab a bunch to cook up into something yummy at home. You’d be surprised what you could do with some apple chunks and a few cinnamon rolls.

2.Breads and Muffins

The Fall season means a carb should be sitting on your kitchen counter for your convenience at all times. Banana bread with chocolate chips is the perfect compliment to your tea or coffee. Pumpkin bread may go even better if you got yourself a PSL. Need something quick for breakfast? Try some blueberry lemon muffins to kick off the day. Majority of recipes are friendly toward the gluten-free, vegan and whole-grain lovers. Find the one suited for your diet and bust out your hand mixer.

3.Slowcooker Gems

A meal big enough for a family done in a few hours. A lazy cook’s dream. The internet is flooded with ways to make an average pack of beef, chicken or bundle of vegetables go to the next level. Slowcooker and Crockpot meals are necessities to the Fall season. You can prepare any type of meat seasoned and sauced to your liking to throw over rice or salad. Make yourself a big hot meal that will keep you warm and last you days.

4.Homemade Soups

Speaking of staying warm, canned noodle soups are overrated. With COVID taking over and Flu season approaching swiftly, you might want to make sure you keep fluids in your system. Soups are great for when you lose your appetite or don’t feel like doing any chewing. However, homemade soups are superior to the taste buds. Think past basic chicken noodle (though homemade is still amazing). You can try seasonal soups to try like butternut squash, creamy tomato basil and a dupe for Panera’s baked potato soup. It’s also a meal you can have for more than one night. Have too much left over? Freeze it and it will be there when you get the craving.

5.Pie, Pie, and More Pie

Pie crust is cheap and filling is premade but why not challenge yourself to your own baking competition at home? Graham cracker crust and homemade pie filling are what make family members at Thanksgiving ask, “Hey, who made this?” Of course your labor of love isn’t secluded to a big family dinner. Try your own recipes at home. Sweet potato, pumpkin, apple and pecan are only a few of the many pie flavors you can put together. Fresh fruit is always fun to use for filling if you’re uneasy about preservatives. And if you don’t feel like making a crust, the frozen dessert aisle of your local supermarket welcomes you.

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