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Five TikTok Dances You Should Add To Your Workout Routine

For anyone who has been plugging into social media and the internet lately, you’ll know that TikTok, the new and improved Vine, has been all the rage. Though the app specifically targets Gen Z, a wide range of ages have been seen to use the application and benefit from its culture and entertainment. One of TikTok’s most regular phenomenons is the choreographed dances, which circulate around the application and garner millions of views. The dances, which are relatively simple in nature, have been put together so that anyone can learn them. Here are five TikTok dances you should learn to impress your friends, and spice up your moves. With all the extra time you have, whether you’re working or taking class from home, this is also a fun way to keep yourself busy. 



Say So by Doja Cat 

Perhaps the most famous of all the TikTok dance phenomenons, executed by Doja Cat herself in her new music video, the Say So dance was created by TikTok teen Haley Sharpe (@yodelinghaley). 

Learn it here.



Renegade by Styx 

Created by 14-year-old Atlanta teen Jalaiah Harmon, who is trained classically in dance, the Renegade has become one of the most famous TikTok dances, blowing up on the app and beyond. The New York Times even wrote about Harmon on behalf of her notorious dance. 

Learn it here.



The Box by Roddy Rich 

Featured in over one million TikTok videos since December, Roddy Rich’s song has become a massive hit by way of the TikToks it has appeared in, and the dance moves that now coincide with the lyrics. 

Learn it here.



Cannibal by Ke$ha

A 2010 track from Ke$ha’s album “Cannibal”, has blown up on TikTok in recent weeks, as teenager Briana Hantsch (@ya.girl.bri.bri97) created some choreography to go along with the song. Recently, Ke$ha did the dance herself, debuting it on TikTok for fans to see. 

Learn it here.



Supalonely by Benee

This super catchy song has become a viral TikTok phenomenon. Likewise, the song has risen in the charts on both Spotify and Apple Music as it has been circulated an increasing number of times on TikTok this week alone. 

Learn it here.

Featured Image by Aaron Yoo on Flickr

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