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5 Ways to Begrudgingly Become a Morning Person

Not everyone is equipped to start the day early. Their beds grow more comfortable and their alarms snooze on for hours. How does one become a morning person? Check out these 5 ways to get some pep in your step.


The phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of day,” might come in handy when converting to the morning. You may be one to have a cup of coffee for your first meal or you might chef up a little something to eat while you watch cartoons. Either way, your body needs a boost of energy and food (or caffeine) is the way to do it. Pinterest is full of handy breakfast ideas when you get tired of avocado toast.


People who work out in the mornings seem to be the world’s superhumans. But exercise can mean a lot of different things. No, you don’t have to do an entire 30-minute cardio video that makes you feel out of breath after three minutes. And no, you don’t have to drive all the way to the gym at 5 a.m. Just focus on what will wake your body up. Yoga, pilates or even just a morning walk in that breeze before the weather gets too hot all detach your body from wanting to be in bed. Not only will you feel energized, but you’ll feel like you have way more time in the day.


The number one way to stay up when you wake up. Between free apps and YouTube, there are plenty of guided meditations to clear your head before you start the day. Meditation is a great mood shifter bringing you into the present moment. No more grumpy eye rubbing. Practice focusing on your breathing and sit still on the edge of your bed (so you won’t climb back under the covers). If you need more of a boost, throw some morning stretches in the routine. Waking up your body and your mind should be a collaborative process.

4.Leftover Work

For the students out there, it’s easy to do homework until the sun rises. Then, you regret not sleeping because you lost your time to do so. Think of doing your work in the morning! The natural sunlight and your coffee will help you get through the rest of your workload. Doing work until the wee hours can fry your brain. You know you’ve read the same page over five times. Give your eyes a rest and leave the work for the morning. Even split it in half so you can still feel accomplished before bed.


They’re annoying and you probably snooze them every time. However, after about a week, your body will begin recognizing the signal and you’ll naturally wake up around the morning time. Feel like drifting back asleep? Get up quick! Heavy sleeper? Make multiple alarms and make sure that volume is cranked up. Part of becoming a morning person is training your body to accept new habits.

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