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Declutter Your Desk this New Year!

DIY is a term that induces excitement for some and apprehension in others. While many may avoid DIY tasks because of the necessity of creativity, we think that these crafts can be empowering for anyone, regardless of artistic prowess. DIY crafts can make everyday life easier, while also being fun and cheap.

Working at a cluttered desk can make productivity a daunting task, and, as we start this New Year, it’s the perfect time to fix that. We found a great video on YouTube that will show you exactly how to declutter by making an organizer!

  1. How to Start

To begin, all you need is a base and some boxes. The base of the organizer can be made with anything from a flat piece of cardboard to a flat piece of wood. The only necessity is that the surface is flat and fairly sturdy. You can then use any empty boxes you have around your house for the rest of the organizer. The boxes can vary in size depending on what you need to put in them, but make sure they are small enough that you can fit multiple boxes on your base. Some good examples are boxes for granola bars, crackers, or even a toilet paper roll.

  1. To Decorate

To decorate the desk organizer, your options are endless. You can paint the boxes and the base in various colors, glue colored paper onto the surfaces, or use stickers, as just a few options. To go the extra mile, you can even decorate the insides of the boxes.

  1. The Finishing Touches

After you’ve decorated all of your materials, you can then organize the boxes on the base in any pattern you prefer. To keep the organizer clean, you can cut the boxes so that the tops are open at various heights. This will let you store anything you need to in the different sized boxes. Once the boxes are cut to the proper sizes, you can simply glue them to the base.

The cost of this project is entirely dependent on your own preferences. If you want to spend a bit more, you can purchase a wooden surface for your base and buy some paints or decorative papers. If you are looking to save an extra buck, you can simply use some cardboard from a larger box for your base.

When you finish the project, you will then have a unique desk organizer that will bring your personality, and a clean and uncluttered look, to your desk!

Featured Image by designmilk on Flickr

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