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8 Fun Fall Activities That Won’t Break Your Budget

Although the weather is getting chillier and the sun is setting earlier, having fun doesn’t have to stop in autumn. Here are eight fun fall-themed activities that will spark your creativity and save you some money:


  • Make some s’mores indoors:

Save your hands from freezing and make a classic campfire treat indoors. Combining the same graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows you would normally use, just grab a non flammable, stainless steel fork to melt your marshmallows over the stove. 


  • Invent a game with friends:

Did you know the Clue board game was invented by a husband and wife who loved British crime novels? Turn an average game night with friends into a fun project by trying your hand at inventing a new game. For an easier challenge, try adding a twist to your favorite party game.


  • Learn how to knit:

Staying indoors is ideal during chilly November nights, which means it’s the best time to try out a new hobby. With a ball of yarn and two knitting needles from your local craft store, sit back and pull up a YouTube tutorial on knitting basics. Make yourself a hat, socks, or gloves to keep warm for the season. Knitted items are also great inexpensive gifts to give family and friends for Christmas!


  • Go apple picking:

Apple picking is a classic fall activity for everyone, no matter the age. Search up a local apple farm (or any fruit farm) and round up the best apples to make your own pies, donuts, fritters, and other fun desserts.


  • Host a bonfire night:

Hosting a bonfire night is the perfect way to bond with family and friends this fall. Instructions on how to safely build bonfires can be found online if you have access to stones, twigs, bark, and hardwood. Maximize the entertainment by telling scary stories or singing your favorite songs. 


  • Decorate some skulls:

Blank skull decor is easy to find in any large retail or wholesale store’s Halloween section. Using some colored markers or affordable kids paint, feel free to get creative decorating skulls and placing them around your apartment or dorm room.


  • Try out a new hike:

If you’re the adventurous type or just love a challenge, attempt a hike around your neighborhood that you’ve never done before. Not only will you get a good workout in, you’re also guaranteed to see some beautiful leaves and color-changing trees along the way.


  • Keep a journal:

A great way to track your self-growth and reflect later on is to keep a private journal. Whether you write about your feelings, what happens during your day, or what’s around you, try journalling once a week for a few moments of reflection.

Photo by Erik Scheel from Pexels

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