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8 Things to Cuddle instead of People

For some reason, winter is associated with loneliness and the desire of having someone cooped up on the couch with you to watch corny Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate. But for the ones not into the romantics, there are better things, COVID-safe things, to cuddle.

1.Body Pillow

A body pillow is your best buddy for falling asleep and binging Netflix. Tall, warm, and doesn’t talk. It’s the perfect combination for a bed buddy. You can easily wrap your legs and arms around and cuddle your body pillow like a human. Grab a fluffy pillow case to make it more comfortable.

2.Fuzzy Blanket

Whether for yourself or for someone else, a big fuzzy blanket is one of life’s absolute necessities. No bed or couch is complete without one. What else is going to keep you warm at night? Or comfort you while you cry to Grey’s Anatomy? Do yourself a favor and take a trip to Walmart or Target. The shelves are stocked with these around this season.

3.15-inch Stuffed Animal

Hear me out. A stuffed animal but almost the size of your body. Don’t worry wear you’re going to put it just worry about the experience. A lot of them, including Squishmallows, absorb your body heat to warm up and keep you from shivering at night. They’re also stinkin’ adorable. From avocados to chonky corgis, Amazon is your oyster.

4.Weighted Blanket

The weight of a human is so much more brutal than the soft heavy embrace of a weighted blanket. For folks who have trouble going to sleep (or staying asleep) this item belongs in your cart. While holding therapeutic properties, they ease anxiety and help with insomnia. Bye bye, melatonin.

5.Pile of Fresh Laundry

The point is to wait until your laundry load is unforgiveable. Then, as soon as you take your last load out the dryer, just lay. Lay in all the warmth and glory of your hard work. No, you’re not expected to fold them right away. Just enjoy the moment of finding all the clothes you thought were missing.

6.A Little Stuffy

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Webkinz or the ones you throw in the microwave to stay warm. Little stuffed animals hold special sentiments to everyone. If your ex gave it to you, you should gift yourself a fresh, new fuzzy face. There is no age limit to stuffed toys. Baby Yoda’s are ageless.

7.A Pet

COVID-19 has drawn people away from people but toward pets. There are still some kittens and puppies that need homes for the holidays. The best way to resolve feeling lonely is to grab a furry friend. You can officially adopt one or foster for a few months. Check your local shelter. You might find your soulmate. And they are the best to cuddle.

8.Therapeutic Pillow

You can’t make a person fit your physical mold. Bodies are weird and don’t always fit in the right position. So, find yourself a therapeutic pillow designed to fit you perfect. Also, if you’re in dire need of back and neck support while laying down, this is your go-to.

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