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Period Breakouts: Kiss Them Goodbye!

Read the following 8 tips and kiss your period breakouts goodbye.

Period breakouts are frustrating and gross and unfair. Ladies: why can’t we always have clear skin?! Read the following skincare tips and kiss period breakouts goodbye. 

1. Birth control

Birth control is extremely useful in managing breakouts. Birth control and acne are both related to hormones, so this is not surprising. Moreover, during the menstrual cycle, hormones are changing and this causes more breakouts. Birth control consists of estrogen and progesterone that reduce androgen levels, which in turn reduces breakouts.

2. Clean your Phone

With all of the social media and connectedness today, we are often on our phones. When you hold your phone to your face, an excess of oil is produced. Then, the oil mixes with the bacteria on your phone, producing acne and breakouts. Prevent this by washing your phone and face daily.

3. Avoid Touching your Face

Just like bacteria is produced from our phones, when you touch your face, a similar process with bacteria occurs. It is easy to forget about the various items you touch throughout our day as well as how often you are absentmindedly touching your face. Evidently, bacteria is constantly being passed from your hands to your face. Consciously recognize this habit and continuously remind yourself to avoid touching your face.

4. Shower Post-Workout

Working out causes germs to attach to your body with the sweat that you produce, as well as other people’s bacteria on machines or weights. Furthermore, it is important to shower very soon after working out, because leaving the sweaty and damp clothes on will increase risk of breaking out.

5. Diet

Studies show that diet plays a role in maintaining skin, so it’s important to understand how to best feed your body while maintaining clear skin. The acne-free diet includes drinking more water, reducing sugar and alcohol intake, and avoiding process foods.

6. Reduce Stress

By now it is clear that stress can affect practically every part of your body and manifest in various ways. Stress can exacerbate any type of inflammation, which is what pimples are in essence; when you feel stressed, you may notice acne breakout triggers. Furthermore, periods cause hormonal changes, which can additionally affect stress levels. Take conscious measures to decrease stress such as reducing screen time, staying active, and maintaining healthy social relationships.

7. Remove Makeup

Taking off your makeup before bed is a major and easy tip for maintaining clear skin and avoiding breakouts. By removing makeup, you reduce the risk of breakouts, dead skin, and allows your skin to breath. All of these benefits are integral to avoiding breakouts.

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