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8 Ways to Make Quarantine Meaningful

Social isolation forced many of us to be uprooted from our lives and routines to which we are accustomed. Learn how you can make your time in quarantine meaningful.

  1. Master a Recipe

Having a few recipes stocked away is a great way for picky people to feel at ease when anticipating their next meal. Some great recipes for beginners are pasta with sausage, sesame chicken,  and mac and cheese

2. Rearrange your Bedroom

For anyone feeling restless or trapped in one place, this is the perfect activity. Rearranging the furniture in your room can spice things up and bring rejuvenation into your dull routine.

3. Do a Month Challenge

Monthly challenges are great ways to push yourself and watch your progress. Get a big group of friends and motivate each other. Some ideas for monthly challenges are: no red meat; learn a new skill every day; talk to a different person every day; take a break from social media. Explore some monthly challenges here

4. Stretch!

It is rare that we have the time in our day to fit in a stretching session, but quarantine has granted many of us with this rare possibility. Stretching can be a great way to fit in some form of meditation into the day. Also, getting flexible is the gateway to yoga, so get started! Today’s technology makes it so easy to learn new stretches, find tutorials, and do guided meditation

5. Book Club

Book clubs are great for people who love debating hot topics and analyzing elements of a story. During quarantine, it is important to keep the brain working. Embrace this time and discover new books. Remember that book that you kept saying you would read but never did? It’s time!

6. Online Learning

Start taking an online course. There are various free mediums that offer courses such as Duolingo and HarvardX. Courses include Science & Cooking, the Pyramids of Giza, and Writing for Social Justice.

7. Zoom!

Don’t forget to stay in touch with all your loved ones: plan zoom parties, because humans need interaction, especially during a confusing and scary time. 

8. Take Exercise Classes

It is definitely not ideal to be away from our precious gyms, but luckily there are so many great workout videos and online classes. Get out of your comfort zone and use quarantine to find your new favorite workout! Some great virtual classes are Solidcore, Sweat with Self, and Blogilates

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