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A Fairytale Moment: Bride Mistaken as Princess by a Toddler

When bride Shandace Robertson stepped outside of her Seattle, Washington wedding venue with her husband to find a good spot for photos, she was greeted by an awestruck little girl.

The toddler had been carrying the book Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, and in that moment she mistook Shandace to be the “princess” from her “favorite book,” as explained by her mother Kelsey Edwards.

Edwards elaborated on the sweet moment. “Our daughter was carrying Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, which, during that week, was her favorite book because of the ‘princess’ on the cover. So, when we saw Shandace in her beautiful dress, our daughter was entranced.”

Shandace loved the sentiment, and recalled the moment for ABC News.

“As we were walking by they stopped and were both watching us and the mom’s like, ‘Hi, she thinks you’re the princess from her book.’ I look at the book and it’s a lady in a white dress and I’m like, ‘Aww this so sweet.’ I kneeled down and said, ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ and she just smiled.”

The bride greeted the young girl and decided to give her a memorable moment, offering her a flower from her bouquet.

“I thought maybe I should give her a flower from my bouquet,” Shandace said. “Her face is just beaming and we’re both beaming.”

“Shandace made her feel very special by giving her a rose and a hug. It was very sweet,” Edwards recalled, as reported by ABC News.

Turns out, Shandace didn’t only make her little admirer’s day, but the young girl also did the same for Shandace. ABC News noted that “the bride said she was ‘overjoyed to have that little moment’ on her big day [sic].”

“The day is really busy and you’re running around but to take three minutes to say ‘hi’ to her and give her a hug,” Shandace remarked. “It was one of the best most moments of the day, I was just beaming for the rest of day and talking about it for weeks after that. My heart was just overjoyed.”

Shandace’s husband Scott Robertson recently shared these photos from their February wedding, and the Internet can’t get enough of them, allowing Shandace to relive the fond memory.

“Because I love little kids so much, I asked her mom if I could hold her,” the bride said. “Her face expresses how we both felt: overjoyed!”

Not only was Shandace seen as a princess that day by her young fan – by all accounts, she actually was one.

Featured Image by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

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