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A Guide to Outdoor Dining in New York City

With the COVID-19 restrictions preventing New Yorkers from being able to dine indoors, safely going out to eat at a restaurant in New York City may not seem worth the effort right now, especially with the cold weather. However, many restaurants have been able to adapt to these guidelines and provide their customers with warm, safe and pleasant outdoor seating experiences. Here are some of our favorite restaurants with great outdoor dining accommodations. Pro tip: always bring your own blanket!

Haven Rooftop

This beautiful restaurant / bar is located on the rooftop of the Sanctuary Hotel and offers separators between tables, cozy seating options and a great view. The seating area is airy yet glassed-in and heated. They offer an extensive brunch and dinner menu, but it’s also a great spot for cocktails.

Arlo SoHo

Arlo SoHo has really upped the ante in terms of outdoor dining. The hotel offers luxurious cedar cabins for groups of 4-10 people. These cabins can be found in their Outdoor Courtyard space and will be sure to keep you and your loved ones shielded from the harsh winter winds. Especially during the winter months, these cabins are very well-decorated and are a perfect photo-op!


This must-try brunch spot is located in NoHo and offers a number of French pastries and delicacies. The outdoor seating consists of a number of greenhouse-esque “igloos”, allowing you to see onto the street yet providing each table a good amount of privacy and space.


THEP offers all of the luxury of indoor seating, yet all of the safety of outdoor dining. At this restaurant, each table has its own private decorated shed with a sliding door and a button to alert your waiter. Every table is separated from each other, so this setup is ideal for staying safe and blocking out the cold. The food and drinks are unmatched here!

The Fulton at Pier 17

This Jean-Georges restaurant has raised the bar for outdoor seating. This classy establishment also offers you privacy and safety with its greenhouses. It’s outdoor seating area is covered with fairy lights, giving it a magical yet sophisticated feel. This is a great option for a romantic date night!


There’s arguably no better winter comfort food than a hearty plate of pasta. Lilia, which is located in Williamsburg, offers private yurts that customers can have their meal in. This is definitely a good option for a windy night and is a really beautiful outdoor dining option.

Route 66 American Kitchen & Bar

If you’re looking for a casual dinner and happy hour spot for you and your roommates, this is a delicious option. Each table is placed inside a giant plastic bubble with a heater, keeping out all the cold. Each bubble is pretty spacey and has cute decorations. This comfort food spot located in FiDi is also known for its delicious cocktails.

As many New York City restaurants struggle to bring in customers, many have been forced to get creative and adjust their dining options to provide a safe and pleasant experience for the public. While it may be a bit harder than usual to find places that will keep you and your loved ones warm this winter, these restaurants along with many others have been able to keep up with changing restrictions while keeping their businesses afloat.

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