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Adorable DIY Centerpieces

For your next craft project, we have some DIYs that are simple, fun, and will bring new light to your home! Here are a few lovely centerpiece DIYs that are sure to brighten up your mood each time you see them on your table. The ideas are courtesy of Country Living.

Spool Flower Holder
All you’ll need for this DIY are a few different-sized spools of thread. They can be of the same color or different shades of the same color. Bunch five or six spools in any formation in the center of your table, and then insert the stems of shortened flowers into each tube. Country Living used white ranunculus flowers, placing them into spools wrapped with pink thread. We absolutely love it!

Striped Tablecloth
Want to have a bit of Parisian style in your home? Find a six-by-nine-foot canvas drop cloth and wash it a few times to soften the fabric. Using ¼ inch grout tape, run four lines down the fabric width-wise, with each line a quarter of an inch apart from its neighbor. Then, with red fabric paint (or whatever other colors you find fitting), run even brush strokes within the spaces between the tape. Be sure to stay light with he paint and not to pack it on. Pigment as much as desired and remove the tape once the paint has dried. Voilà! Now all you need are some baguettes and an Eiffel tower ornament.

Doily Vase
I have to say, when I found this idea, I thought it was absolutely adorable. I hope you do too. For this DIY, you’ll need a small clear glass vase and a larger doily. Tightly wrap the doily around the vase, snipping away any excess, and then hand-stitch the doily to create a snug fit. This is an elegant centerpiece that may take some work, but judging by the photos on Country Living, it is so worth it.


Jelly Bean Tree
This DIY is super simple. Glue pastel-colored jelly beans to the ends of assorted branches to create a centerpiece that is attractive, creative, and delicious.

Happy crafting! Your homes are sure to look just a little bit brighter with personal touches that you can always take pride in, or, if crafting goes haywire, at least share a good laugh about.

Featured Image by Marc Babin on Unsplash

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