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Affordable and Fun Halloween Costume Tips

With Halloween around the corner, you probably – and rightfully – don’t want to spend $50 or more on today’s overpriced market for costumes and costume accessories. You also may not be a big fan of the selection of costumes out there (like this hilarious sexy goldfish costume). If this sounds like you, I’ve got some great DIY costume ideas for you! This article will give you a couple of easy costume ideas, as well as show you how to make some simple costume accessories!

When in Costume Doubt: Look to TV


Popular television shows, commercials, or television stars can provide for great inspiration for costume ideas. Some particularly funny and easy-to-make costumes provided by TODAY include: Flo from Progressive, Guy Fieri, Princess Leia, Rick and Morty, and even BB8! For the Flo costume, you only need an apron, a blue headband, and a white polo shirt. Cut out the Progressive logo and paste it onto your apron. Don’t forget the red lipstick! Guy Fieri’s costume is equally simplistic, only requiring some flame cutouts, a short-sleeved black button up, silver hair paint-spray, and sunglasses.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, Princess Leia has always been an easy look to achieve. Put your hair into two bun twists, and try on a white turtleneck and matching pants. A lightsaber would be a great plus. If you want to emulate BB8, the robotic hero and sidekick cutie who stole the show in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then get your hands on a custom-made beanie (you can paste similar panels to BB8’s panels – found online – onto a white beanie) and get creative with a matching top.

The last costume idea comes for those who want to partner up in their costume. Since Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty has grown more and more popular, you can become the dynamic duo for Halloween with a white jacket, blue shirt, jeans and a wig for Rick, and a yellow shirt and jeans for Morty. Other great alternatives to the duo costume include Finn and Jake, Mario and Luigi, and Velma and Daphne; all easy to make due to the match-able nature of their clothing to items already in your closet.

Ears, Ears, and More Ears
If you’re vying for a simpler costume, like the popular use of animal ears made to cap off – literally – any animal costume, we’ve got you covered with some creative new ears to make all your own.

If you want good, old cat ears with a little flare, try out this DIY. You’ll need a flat metal headband found on Amazon, copper wire (you can even use spiral notebook wire), and strong glue. Take two cuts of 12-centimeter wire, and glue on your ear-like triangles at appropriate distances on your headband. This provides the vital base! From here on out, you can add small pearls, mini flowers, or two equally-cut pieces of black felt! As a helpful tip, know that if you want little flowers on your headband, curling a small strip of construction paper around itself until it looks like a rosebud usually comes out great, just look at JENerationDIY’s video here!

Face Paint Tips
Here are some helpful tips in case you want to work with some face paint for your costume this year. Sticking assorted jewels amidst your face paint can always provide for some great extra shine. Also, try and invest in extra black face paint if it’s in your color palette, because it often comes in handy. Going simple with your face paint can also offer a great effect! For instance, if you have a cheetah costume, doodling on some squiggly, donut-like circles on the side of your forehead, down your temple, and slightly onto your jaw can add a great accent to your look!

Have a happy, spooky, safe, and fun Halloween! Whether you’re celebrating the night with friends or enjoying a night of candy and Hocus Pocus, treat yourself to these tricks for an extra memorable – and easy – way to dress in costume this October 31st!

Featured Image by Kevin Dooley on Flickr

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