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Air Fryer Recipes for Easy and Delicious Dinners

Air fryers have made their mark in many kitchens throughout the last decade and it seems that no one can get enough of this cooking gadget. The relatively small appliance has home cooks everywhere hooked on how well it can mimic a deep fryer without the excessive oil. It’s relatively easy to use, won’t take up too much counter space, and is a healthy alternative for making something crispy and delicious. With that being said, NYMM is a huge fan of the air fryer and we’re going to share with you some of our favorite recipes.

Crispy Ravioli

If you’re looking for the ultimate appetizer that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters, this air fryer ravioli is definitely worth the try. You can make the ravioli from scratch or just buy them frozen at your local grocery store for an easy meal. This dish is amazing when served with marinara sauce on the side. Opt for mushroom or lobster ravioli if you’re feeling fancy! 

Salsa Chicken Taquitos

For a quick dinner that only requires five ingredients to make, try these salsa chicken taquitos. You probably already have most of these ingredients at home, so this is the perfect meal to throw together in a hurry. You can prepare these how you’d like, but I love them with lettuce, guacamole, and sour cream.

Crispy Tofu Buddha Bowl

If you want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, try this vegan dish that is sure to satisfy you. In my opinion, the air fryer and tofu are a match made in heaven! The tofu comes out crispy and the sauce creates a flavor profile that’s both sweet and savory.

Coconut Shrimp

This quick and easy meal might just beat your favorite restaurant’s coconut shrimp, and with fewer calories. If you don’t want to make the coconut shrimp from scratch, the frozen ones from Trader Joe’s are a delicious alternative.

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops with Sriracha Mayo

This simple yet fancy dish is sure to wow your guests this summer! The explosion of flavor will blow your mind and the sriracha mayo only elevates the dish. These small bites are decadent and go great with asparagus or arugula salad.

Teriyaki Salmon Fillets with Broccoli

For an easy, flavorful, and restaurant-quality dinner, try this recipe. This one-pot recipe takes only 20 minutes to make, which is perfect if you’re cooking with a busy schedule. The salmon ends up crispy on the outside and tender on the inside while the air fryer gets the broccoli perfectly crisp.

Crispy Avocado Egg Rolls

These crispy avocado egg rolls are based on the Cheesecake Factory’s cult-favorite appetizer, except these are healthier! They’re perfect for summer dinners or lazy days by the pool. 

Twice Baked Potatoes

If your love language is potatoes, you have got to try this recipe out. It’s comforting, cheesy, and filling. Personally, I love to enjoy my baked potatoes with bacon, sour cream, and sriracha, but you can add whatever toppings you’d like!

Sweet Chili Chicken Wings

Upgrade your game day with these delicious wings. They’re crispy, flavorful, and ready in just 30 minutes! Impress your guests with this yummy appetizer.

Mac N Cheese Balls

This crowd-pleasing recipe is a delicious way to reinvent your mac n cheese dish. You can make these with homemade, leftover, or boxed mac n cheese. Beware: these bite-sized balls are incredibly addicting!

Photo by Jimmy Dean via Unsplash

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