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Girls Shouldn’t Be Missing School

The holiday season may have passed, much to our sadness, but there’s still time to look into doing some charity work. Charity work is an important task that everyone should contribute to if we want to make the world a better place.

“What if not having sanitary supplies meant DAYS without school?,” states the Days for Girls homepage.

Days for Girls International is an important non-for-profit organization that is dedicated to helping girls and women in impoverished areas around the world. Days for Girls International is a non-profit, grassroots organization, which dedicates itself to ensuring that women and girls feel as if they can make a social change and have all the opportunities that life has to offer. It wants women and girls to be part of fostering growth in their communities, all the while ensuring that they receive proper feminine hygiene supplies. Areas where they have seen attendance in schools increase because of their efforts include Kenya, Uganda, and Queens, NY.

One of the ways the organization helps women is through the creation of Days for Girls kits. Of these kits, their website states, “When you give a woman or girl a Days for Girls kit, you give back days of education, health, and opportunity that would otherwise be missed. When you provide a woman with the tools to make Days for Girls Kits and to educate others about the importance of Menstrual Health Management, that cycle moves forward. The Days for Girls Enterprise Model does this through providing women with the tools to make DFG kits, so they then can sell DFG kits, keep the funds, and reinvest part of their income to buy their next batch of materials, thus reaching more women and girls.”

Each DFG kit comes with a drawstring bag to carry all the materials in it, two 1-gallon size Ziploc freezer bags that allows soiled materials to be transported, eight absorbent trifold pads, a wash cloth, two extra pairs of underwear, an instruction sheet, a bar of soap, and two moisture barrier shields. On average these kits last up to three years for each girl!

There are plenty of other ways for volunteers to become involved; you can start a chapter or team, or even join an existing one, you can make a DFG kit, (the website provides detailed introductions on how to go about creating them) and so much more. The website also provides links for how to be an Ambassador of Women’s Health. They even offer a plethora of internship or volunteer opportunities!

It is important that we become involved with organizations like Days for Girls International, which has dedicated themselves to making the world a better place for girls. It is really hard being a girl sometimes, so it’s important to rally against others who try to combat those hardships one day, or one girl at a time.

No girl in an impoverished area should let her period stop her from accomplishing whatever she wants to do in life; no girl without proper sanitary supplies should let that stop her from achieving all that she wants to achieve. It’s important that there are organizations out there fighting that fight. We must fight that fight too!

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