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Four Amazon Products for a Semester Abroad

The college year has begun, which means a lot of new experiences for many students, including studying abroad. If you’re a student studying abroad this semester, check out these four Amazon products that will make your time abroad easier and more memorable.

This carry-on travel backpack is perfect for flights, trains, and exploring new places. It’s lightweight and durable, with a laptop sleeve to make it easier for you to study and work no matter where you are.

It comes in three colors (black, blue, and red), and has several zippered pockets for you to keep your homework, snacks, and anything else you’d need to travel or study. The shoulder straps are padded and super comfortable, too, so carrying your things won’t be a hassle!

This international power adapter is compatible for 150 countries around the globe, easing your worries about using electronics abroad. It has two USB ports that can work with your phone or tablet chargers, speakers, and even power banks.

It also works in a standard wall outlet and is surge protected, so you’ll always be safe when using it. Did I mention it’s super affordable and compact, too, so you can carry it with you everywhere? It’s safe to say this product is a must-have for anyone studying abroad.

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never want to forget. Why not make the most of it by buying this travel journal? Unlike a notebook full of blank pages, this journal comes with exercises for you to practice mindfulness and creative thinking when writing about your experiences abroad.

While you might want to rely on your memory when reminiscing about your travels, you won’t remember every detail, so invest in this affordable journal to make the most of your experience and help you recall everything later on in life.

Let’s face it, part of the study abroad experience is all the flights and trains you’ll be catching. With all of those hours spent sitting, you’re going to want a neck pillow to make sleeping and lounging more comfortable.

This adorable neck pillow comes in a variety of fruit patterns, including watermelon, lemon, and even dragonfruit! It’s incredibly lightweight and will mold perfectly to the shape of your neck. It’s also super easy to carry around the airport or train station since you can clip it onto your backpack or luggage. Stand out from the crowd and sleep well with this cute fruit neck pillow!

You might be way too excited about traveling to even think of the little things you might need while far away from home. Get ahead of the game with these useful Amazon products while you’re studying abroad!

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