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Four Amazon Products to Stay Cool on Campus

With move-in day around the corner, dorm and apartment shopping is more necessary than ever. While blankets and curtains are essentials on any shopping list, that lasting summer heat makes college students wish for some AC instead. Luckily, we have a few great products that will help you handle the heat.

This mini fan is a must-have for anyone living in a dorm (or anywhere without the wonders of air conditioning). You can mount it on your desk or nightstand to cool you down while you’re hitting the books or just hanging out. This three-speed fan is also rechargeable and extremely lightweight, so you can even carry it on your walk to class or take it outside when the weather calls for studying under the trees. Not only is it compact and functional, it is also low-noise, so you can use it practically anywhere.

Anyone who wears makeup knows that heat and humidity can really test the staying power of even the best quality brands. Luckily, this cruelty-free setting spray will leave your makeup intact even on the hottest of days. With three fresh scents – cucumber, aloe vera, and a combination of the two – the spray goes on easily and will soothe and refresh your skin. The walk to class might be a long one, but on a hot day this setting spray will ensure your makeup doesn’t run.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than trying to sleep in a hot room on a summer night. Thankfully, this sleeping mask will keep you cool all night long. Not only is the gel padding super comfortable on your face, but you are also able to freeze the mask to ensure peak coolness throughout the night. The mask is reusable and blacks out all light, so you’ll have plenty of rest. Plus, the mask also can work to relieve pain anywhere you need, as it molds into the shape of your body.

Of course, a pair of cool shades is necessary when walking or driving to class. With the sunshine being almost constant this summer, this pair of sunglasses is a super stylish choice that will match any outfit. You can choose from eight frame and lens colors – which might be difficult since they are each so cute and versatile. The lightweight shades also block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, so not only are they fashionable, they’re also very functional. Make sure you grab a pair before you move in this month.

The heat has been constant this summer. These four products are affordable ways to keep yourself looking and feeling cool once it’s time to head back to campus.

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