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How Americans are Being Kind During Social Distancing

In a time of such immense stress and disarray amongst American citizens caused by social distancing, society has seen an outpouring of kindness and love from neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, and stranger to stranger. It has filled everyone at New York Minute with a newfound faith in humanity that people are so willing to lend a hand in times of crisis and need. 

We have compiled a list of heartening and wonderful acts of kindness expressed throughout the country in these difficult times to help lift spirits and inspire everyone to act in similar ways. 

1. Spurred increase in the fostering of dogs 

Animal shelters have seen dramatic increases in the impetus to foster animals by way of social distancing and shelter in place. With citizens being home much more frequently, many have decided to fill their time with fostering and adopting puppies. This increase will help alleviate the stress of overpopulation on animal shelters, and will hopefully help rescued animals find permanent homes.  

2. Purchasing groceries for elderly or immunocompromised neighbors 

New York City residents have taken to advertising volunteer grocery services for immunocompromised and elderly neighbors. By taping up signs on their apartment front doors offering aid to those who should not be going outside and reaching out specifically to neighbors who are at high risk, individuals have been going out on grocery and pharmacy runs for others. 

3. Banners and signs thanking health care workers 

Communities have also found ways to thank health care workers who are saving lives and putting themselves at high risk on the front lines. With handmade signs put in lawns and on businesses, churches, and restaurants, everyone has been coming together to express appreciation for healthcare workers in these unprecedented times. 

4. Handing out hand sanitizer, PPE, and vitamin C kits to the homeless 

Shirley Raines has been driving around Skid Row in Los Angeles, handing homeless individuals coronavirus “kits” from her car. In addition to over 200 bottles of hand sanitizer, she has been giving out oranges and other materials to provide individuals with a vitamin C boost. On her cue, many other people have followed suit. 

5. Restaurants donating meals to Coronavirus workers in hospitals 

The restaurant industry, which took a huge hit amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, has been doing all they can to help healthcare workers on the front lines pulling extra-long shifts without breaks for food.  By donating meals weekly, restaurants are able to help fuel the hospital staff and keep their spirits as high as they can be. 

6. Shirt Companies offering free t-shirts for mask making 

Started by the owner of “I love Boston Sports”, t-shirt and sports shops have been putting their old inventory to more productive use, distributing the t-shirts to citizens in order for them to make protective masks.

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