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The App Shrinking the Workplace Gender Gap

According to the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) Annual Report, “Among the most successful companies, men start their businesses with six times as much capital as women do.” Women thus have to fight to build their companies with limited funding, while also combating the common stereotypes that are imposed upon women entrepreneurs. Women-Eye is a non-profit organization that aims to level the playing field by providing credit and business support to women.

Over the past couple of years, the organization has helped over 2,500 women achieve long-term financial sustainability through revenue generated through [its] businesses development and training program.” According to the organization’s website, “After completing the program, most women noted an increase in personal income levels up to 85 percent in 12 months.”


Rosemary Reeves, the founder and CEO of Women-Eye, created the nonprofit in 2006 in order to make the world a better place for women and their families. According to its website, “Women-Eye is about the true sisterhood of women all over the world, sharing, learning, and teaching each other. By understanding you must empower yourself everyday, you will [learn how to better] accomplish your goals and feel good about yourself. Women-Eye is here to share positive ideas that [women] can use every day. By understanding this concept, it is our hope that they will share [these values] with their whole family.”

The organization offers various workshops for both members and non-members, which cover topics such as financial accounting, management, planning, marketing, and other business skills. Women-Eye offers workshops like Cash-Flow: How Money Works, Bright Ideas: A Step by Step Guide to a Business, Business Coach: Every Successful Business Person Needs One, and Budgeting 101: Time and Life’s Balancing Act. You can sign up for any of these workshops on their website – participation costs members $20.00 and non-members $50.00.

Women-Eye offers programs that address topics like marketing businesses, managing employees, maximizing profit, preparing for business careers, and networking. Some of the programs the organization provides include Entrepreneurial Women, Women Veterans, Career Women, and Working From Home. Visit the calendar of events page to learn more about the dates and times these programs are offered.

Each month, Women-Eye also features and honors women who are on fire and changing the world as we know it. In the past, they have featuredwomen on fire” like Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Alexander, Loretta E. Lynch, and Jody Adler.

To become involved with Women-Eye’s mission to empower women everywhere, you can become a member, attend a workshop or program, create your own time capsule, subscribe to Women-Eye’s magazine, or donate. Visit the website to learn more about the inspiration and guidance this organization has to offer.  

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