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Australian Woman Thinks Men Need an Equality March, Too

In a world of haves and have-nots, the most ostracized of social groups – that of the oppressed and subjugated – is clearly the white male. If you listen to certain social groups, that is. One individual in particular who would love for you to listen to her pontification on the rights of men is an Australian woman by the name of Sydney Watson.

This Melbourne-based Youtube commentator has set out to let men know they’re not alone in this most trying of times. Watson is using her Youtube platform and popularity, alongside men’s rights activists (MRAs) in Australia, to host a so-called “March for Men” through downtown Melbourne later this month.

Watson claims that such a rally is not meant to be divisive or inflammatory, especially given her femininity. However, one would be remiss to overlook her aforementioned YouTube stardom.

In hypercritical rants on the video platform, Watson regularly targets left-leaning groups in an attempt to validate her world view. Such diatribes, while self-affirmed, often nitpick information in an attempt to narrow the topic of conversation to a point where evidence supporting an opposing view is all but absent.

Recent gems of knowledge include a video essay on why white privilege doesn’t existthe unsung depravity of white genocidethe hypocritical nature of feminism, and why we shouldn’t teach men rape is bad. Never mind men are raped, too, and are often subject to pressure to “man up” and “own it”.

But should someone begin to sympathize with Watson and other MRAs, it’s important to recall the tendency of these groups to align with far-right, neo-fascist groups, which support men like Donald Trump and English Defense League founder, Tommy Robinson. The latter of these two has become a pariah who, for all intents and purposes, is a shining example to individuals such as Watson. Just take a listen to this idea on multiculturalism!

However, the surge in Watson’s popularity does address pertinent issues. Since starting her channel earlier this year, this Australian woman has pandered to her demographic in a manner which has garnered 7,100 Twitter followers and roughly 32,000 YouTube subscribers.

Her rhetoric and political leanings spark an interesting comparison to Fox’s Tomi Lahren. By lending a female voice to the alternative right, Watson has legitimized their views and made progress more difficult.

However, kudos to Watson for pointing out that freedom of speech is an important facet which sets first-world countries apart from the socialist underbelly of our world. Unless we look at the facts and realize nations like the United Kingdom lack such freedoms while Venezuela and comparable countries decried by the right are actually at the forefront of legal action on this front.

In the end, parsing words and intentionally playing semantics to win an argument is just sad. That being said, Watson does get one thing right: “hypocrisy is fun.”

Featured Image by Sasan Rashtipour on Unsplash

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