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Diba Bijari

Diba Bijari

    • Andy Samberg Knows Women are Funny

      Andy Samberg: SNL alum, Golden Globe winner for his work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and gender equality advocate – especially in the...

      Badass MenDiba BijariMarch 14, 2017
    • Must Dos in NYC

      March is in full swing, and NYMM is back with weekend activities for you to indulge in! Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market...

      Be FunDiba BijariMarch 10, 2017
    • Me, Myself, and My Instincts

      How many times have you juggled your own gut instinct with others’ opinions? Your heart says yes but other people say...

      Be GoodDiba BijariMarch 9, 2017
    • Daniel Craig: Better than 007

      007 on set but an advocate for gender equality in reality. Actor Daniel Craig is no stranger to the issues facing...

      Badass MenDiba BijariMarch 7, 2017
    • Women of the Oscars

      With the Oscar season newly ended, and people already looking at what will happen next year, let’s take time to recognize the...

      Badass WomenDiba BijariMarch 3, 2017
    • NYC Spring Events

      Welcome to March! NYMM is back with your NYC Happenings. With less than 20 days until spring, these events should help...

      Be FunDiba BijariMarch 3, 2017
    • Be You, the REAL You

      “Be yourself” sounds like an obvious tip to give anyone. We hear it everywhere, see it on bumper stickers, and are...

      Be GoodDiba BijariMarch 2, 2017
    • Fathers Combatting Violence against Women

      In Turkey, nearly 45% of married women have been victims of domestic violence inflicted by their partners. The types of violence...

      Badass MenDiba BijariFebruary 28, 2017
    • Last-Minute NYC, February Edition

      The last weekend of February is upon us! To enjoy this brilliant weather and savor the last days of the Valentine...

      NYC LifeDiba BijariFebruary 24, 2017
    • Don’t Be A #HurtBae

      In a recent viral video produced by The Scene dubbed “#HurtBae,” a woman named Kourtney confronts her ex-boyfriend Leonard about him...

      EntertainmentDiba BijariFebruary 23, 2017
    • Addressing Gender Bias at Work

      Unconscious bias can be insidiously present amongst some men in the workplace. Inappropriate comments, behaviors, and mindsets against women may be...

      Badass MenDiba BijariFebruary 21, 2017
    • What to do in NYC This Weekend

      The month of February is filled with fun and exciting events all over New York City. The city is pulsing with...

      NYC LifeDiba BijariFebruary 14, 2017