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    • Communication in the Age of Face Masks

      COVID-19 is obstructing human communication in more than one way.

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementNovember 13, 2020
    • How to Avoid Split Ends

      Say goodbye to your split ends with these simple tips!

      Be HealthyNYMM Content ManagementNovember 11, 2020
    • Makenna Myler Runs 5:25 Mile. While Pregnant.

      Makenna Myler: Star Runner and Now Mother Makenna Myler, 28 year old runner, recently completed a mile with an incredible time...

      Badass WomenNYMM Content ManagementNovember 11, 2020
    • Give Stacey Abrams Her Flowers

      “Alexa, who’s Stacey Abrams?” asked Doris Truong from Poynter. The woman you can thank for turning Georgia blue. The first Black...

      uncategorizedNYMM Content ManagementNovember 7, 2020
    • What Women were Voting for this Election

      When women went to vote this election, they were hoping to elect people into office who would chip away at the...

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementNovember 6, 2020
    • 3 Blender Recipes that Aren’t Smoothies

      Who said the blender was only good for smoothies?!

      Be FunNYMM Content ManagementNovember 5, 2020
    • The First Women of the 2020 Election

      While two white men are the center of the 2020 election, an outstanding number of women were running for seats in...

      uncategorizedNYMM Content ManagementNovember 5, 2020
    • Reasons to Disconnect Regularly

      Understanding the benefits of disconnecting is the first step toward taking control of your life.

      Be HealthyNYMM Content ManagementNovember 4, 2020
    • Why did Women Lose More Jobs due to COVID?

      COVID-19 has been the result of the highest unemployment rate the country has seen since the Great Depression. Demographically, women had...

      uncategorizedNYMM Content ManagementNovember 3, 2020
    • Horror Movie Queens We Love

      Winona Ryder From Beetlejuice to Edward Scissorhands even to Netflix original Stranger Things, Winona has given us many characters to admire...

      uncategorizedNYMM Content ManagementOctober 30, 2020
    • Indoor Plants 101

      How to care for indoor plants? Keep reading for indoor plant maintenance 101!

      Be FunNYMM Content ManagementOctober 29, 2020
    • What will a Gender Beat do for News?

      Newsrooms around the country have been debating over the idea of a gender beat: a category for news specifically covering gender....

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementOctober 28, 2020
    • Best Coffee Alternatives

      Are you finding yourself dependent on that daily cup of coffee? If so, consider trying the following energy-boosting alternatives.

      Be HealthyNYMM Content ManagementOctober 28, 2020
    • How to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

      What is a Urinary Tract Infection? Urinary tract infections, otherwise known as UTIs, are incredibly common. In fact, UTIs are the...

      Be HealthyNYMM Content ManagementOctober 26, 2020
    • 5 COVID-proof Plans for Halloweekend

      Halloween plans have come to a halt as COVID numbers rise during the Fall. However, celebration is still very possible. Check...

      Be FunNYMM Content ManagementOctober 23, 2020
    • 5 Fitness Youtubers to Subscribe to Now

      Check out the following badass fitness youtubers who are ready to make you sweat!

      Badass WomenNYMM Content ManagementOctober 22, 2020
    • What NFL Cheerleaders Face Off-Field

      As the NFL kicks off Sundays with back to back games and football fans come together to celebrate victories, the darkness...

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementOctober 22, 2020
    • Pumpkin Porn: 15 Spiced Treats to Try

      Tis the season for an absurd number pumpkin-spiced everything to stock the shelves of your go-to grocery stores. No, it doesn’t...

      Be FunNYMM Content ManagementOctober 21, 2020
    • CRISPR: A Game-Changing Discovery for Science

      Read about how these badass scientists discovered a life-changing technology, winning the 2020 Chemistry Nobel Prize.

      Badass WomenNYMM Content ManagementOctober 21, 2020
    • Rebel Wilson’s Year of Health

      Rebel Wilson, known for her roles in Pitch Perfect as well as various comedies, has deemed 2020 her “Year of Health,”...

      Badass WomenNYMM Content ManagementOctober 16, 2020
    • France Criminalizes Virginity Tests

      France is now making it illegal for doctors to provide virginity certificates for traditional religious marriages. Though the practice isn’t common...

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementOctober 16, 2020
    • 7 Safe Outdoor Date Ideas

      Although many places have been closed, there are plenty of ways to have a great date!

      Be FunNYMM Content ManagementOctober 16, 2020
    • “I’m speaking.” A Phrase Familiar to Women

      Sen. Kamala Harris handled the interjections of Mike Pence during the VP debate with grace. A skill many women have learned...

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementOctober 15, 2020
    • Stretches to Improve Posture

      Incorporate the following stretches into your daily routine and notice how your posture improves.

      Be HealthyNYMM Content ManagementOctober 15, 2020