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    • 5 Kitchen Gadgets You Need

      Are the Amazon ads confusing you on what new addition you need to your kitchen? You’re not alone. However, there are...

      Be FunNYMM Content ManagementOctober 10, 2020
    • Why do Black Women go to Jail for Self-defense?

      Chrysul Kizer, 19 years old, was almost sent to prison for over 15 years for the killing of her sex-trafficker. Kizer...

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementOctober 9, 2020
    • How to Support Sustainable Fashion

      Educate yourself on how you can support sustainable fashion and in turn, the environment.

      Be HealthyNYMM Content ManagementOctober 9, 2020
    • Museums are Offering Virtual Tours

      Read about how museums all over the world are offering virtual tours.

      Be FunNYMM Content ManagementOctober 8, 2020
    • Even Superwoman needs a Sidekick

      Since the beginning of the modern era, women were subliminally shuffled into a place in society where their place was the...

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementOctober 7, 2020
    • Human Trafficking Through the Ages

      Human trafficking is the act of trapping people through violent, coercive, or deceptive means. It is a major, global issue that...

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementOctober 7, 2020
    • France Grants Mandatory Paternity Leave

      France has recently made the decision to double paid paternity leave for new fathers extended by 28 days from one week...

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementOctober 2, 2020
    • How to Make Homemade Sushi

      Become a master chef and impress everyone you know by learning how to make homemade sushi.

      Be FunNYMM Content ManagementOctober 2, 2020
    • Meet Ann Kittredge: DIY Blogger, Vintage Thrifter, and Home Designer

      NYMM was thrilled to be able to interview Ann Couser Kittredge, expert DIY blogger, vintage home decorator, and avid thrifter. She...

      Badass WomenNYMM Content ManagementOctober 2, 2020
    • U.S. Marine Walks Free for Killing of Transgender Woman

      U.S. Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton was pardoned for the killing of a trans woman Jennifer Laude in 2014 by the Philippine...

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementOctober 1, 2020
    • RBG: Why We Owe Her

      As we honor feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it's crucial that we commemorate her many, life-changing accomplishments.

      Badass WomenNYMM Content ManagementOctober 1, 2020
    • 5 Recipes to Get into the Fall Spirit

      1.Peach & Apple Everything The top Fall fruits are apples and peaches. You can do just about anything with them. Ever...

      uncategorizedNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 30, 2020
    • Girls Nights Amidst the Pandemic

      Get creative and have a great night with your gals! With stress levels this high, It's definitely needed.

      Be FunNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 30, 2020
    • Black Hair: Appropriation vs Appreciation

      Hair has become a topic of controversy in the past years. The issue of professionality has been heavily influenced by appearance,...

      uncategorizedNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 25, 2020
    • Meals for Students: Easy, Healthy, Affordable!

      College students: Save time, money, and effort with these easy and affordable meals.

      Be FunNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 25, 2020
    • Coffee Cravings You Can Satisfy from Home

      Attention coffee lovers and addicts! Buying your lattes and cold brews every morning may be taking a bigger toll on your...

      uncategorizedNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 24, 2020
    • How to Manage Perfectionism

      Perfectionism can be extremely harmful as well as difficult to manage. Luckily there are ways to cope and improve your mental...

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 24, 2020
    • Injury? Come Back Stronger!

      An injury can feel like a major setback if you’ve been training hard and are on the path to achieving your...

      Be HealthyNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 23, 2020
    • How to Avoid Burnout

      Burnout is incredibly common. If you feel incredible overwhelmed or hopeless at your workload or daily life, you might be experiencing...

      Be HealthyNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 17, 2020
    • Meet Josephine Lau: Badass Yoga Instructor

      We recently had a Q&A with Josephine Lau, badass yoga teacher and founder of Grace x Strength. On top of managing...

      Badass WomenNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 16, 2020
    • Naomi Osaka Advocates for Racial Justice

      Learn about how star tennis player, Naomi Osaka, shows her social activism and support to racial justice on the court.

      Be InformedNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 16, 2020
    • Meet Tara Marie: Badass Beauty and Hair Blogger

      We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tara Marie, a passionate beauty blogger who also covers phenomenal tutorials on her youtube channel....

      Badass WomenNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 15, 2020
    • 5 Ways to Survive Your Anxiety Attacks

      For those who suffer with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, anxiety attacks are extremely familiar. They have different triggers and effects on the...

      uncategorizedNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 15, 2020
    • Motivation for the Long Run

      Feeling unmotivated to finish your run? Learn about how you can fuel yourself to be motivated through every run.

      Be HealthyNYMM Content ManagementSeptember 14, 2020