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Badass and Breastfeeding?


Babies are a full time job, a constant schedule of feeding, burping and changing. Many mothers take the first few months of their children’s life off of work so they can learn the ropes. With the recent rise of working remotely, maternity leave might be a thing of the past. Women have been learning to juggle several full time jobs, including being a mother. Different accommodations have made being a working mother easier over time, like the creation of baby formula and breast pumps. 

Loki actress Sophia Di Martino took full advantage of such accommodations, and even added her own adjustments so she could also do her full time job as a mom while on set.In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Di Martino explained the first of those accommodations she received during her audition. “I literally just did one audition tape for this. I din’t really have an in-person audition; we didn’t do any screen tests. I couldn’t travel at the time because I was pregnant and Tom [Hiddleston] was in New York on broadway. So it was a very quick process, but I think she was pretty keen on me doing it after I read for the part.”

Post- Partum was harder, Di Martino gave birth in November 2019, and started preparing for her role shortly after. Like the rest of us, Loki was put on hold by the pandemic. This didn’t stop the actress from preparing for her role physically.  A picture taken in 2020 was posted with the caption “4 months postpartum.” 

Once filming started, and Di Martino was back on set for the full day, things were different. She enlisted the help of costume designer Christine Wada to adapt her costume so she could continue as a full time mom, as well as an actress. On social media Di Martino revealed her character Sylvie’s costume has “concealed zippers so I could pump easily and nurse my baby between takes.” The picture revealed her unzipped costume, with easy access for breastfeeding, as well as a hands free pump on her breasts. Though the caption starts, “It’s not easy being a working Mama (Understatement!)” it seems Di Martino has got it figured out. Sophia Di Martino’s posts have shown what working mothers really are, a badass buttkicking character, who takes breastfeeding breaks for their babies. 

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