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Badass Black Women Owned Businesses to Support

To further promote and endorse the black community, a great place to start is with black women. A few badass black women have created some companies to support the health and beauty of women. Check their businesses below and get ready to go on an online shopping spree!

The Honey Pot Co.

Owner Bea Dixon created The Honey Pot Co. to provide organic feminine hygiene products while also contributing the proceeds to help women experiencing homelessness or poverty. Their products include menstrual tampons and pads as well as maternity products. Play it safe and take the natural route here.

The Mane Choice

Founder Courtney Adeleye morphed her healthy hair journey into a business featuring hair care for all hair types and textures. Mane Choice features over 10 unique lines of full fledged cleaning, conditioning and styling products. Flip through the catalogue and find a line for your mane!

Love, Vera

CEO Vera Moore aimed to create a brand made to uplift black women, both average customers and entrepreneurs. They gear their hiring toward black models to increase representation in the fashion industry. Get yourself something sexy for the confidence boost you deserve. All bodies are welcome!

The Lip Bar

Founder Melissa Butler launched The Lip Bar to shake the beauty standards of what women are supposed to look like. She began making her own makeup which then erupted into a full fledged, cruelty-free makeup brand. Featuring foundations and vibrant pigments that pop on every skin color, you want to pay their site a visit

Breedlove Beauty Co.

Owner Kelli Palmer aims to make skincare less complicated with a minimalist approach to cleansing, clarifying and moisturizing skin. No artificial dyes or fragrance are used in these homemade soaps and body butters. Quit spending your money at pricey skincare businesses and come here for an organic and affordable alternative.

Featured Image by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash

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