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Barbie’s New Car Will Shock You

We live in a day and age where toy stores are divided. From the moment they enter the store, young girls are funneled into the aisles of pink, while the boys are sent to the sea of blue. Whether or not these are the toys that the children actually want, they are taught to believe at a young age that the pink toys are for the girls and the blue toys are for the boys.

An Audi commercial entitled “Let’s Change the Game,” is challenging these outdated and problematic gender stereotypes that surround girls and boys in all aspects of life.

The commercial opens in a toy store around Christmas-time. As the lights turn off and we hear the noises of locking up, the only things left illuminated are the pink and blue aisles.

As the toys in the “girl’s” aisle begin to come to life, a doll becomes angry with the fact that her pink carriage will not move. In the heat of her frustration, she notices the blue aisle meant for boys and immediately becomes encapsulated.

Upon arriving on a shelf in the aisle meant for boys, she passes by numerous cars until an Audi R8 catches her eye. The passenger side door of the Audi opens for her, but the doll refuses. This Barbie is no passenger. She struts in front of the car and gets behind the wheel.

As she takes her new car for a test drive, the toy store becomes an euphoria free of gender norms and stereotypes. The dolls are playing soccer, while a G.I. Joe doll sits and sips tea and a My Little Pony rides a skateboard.

However, their night of fun is cut short when the store’s lights turn on and holiday shoppers begin to appear. A little boy and his mother walk down the toy aisle, when he spots the Audi R8 with the doll behind the wheel. “Mom! I want this one,” the boy says. “But honey,” the mother replies, “they don’t go together,” as she removes the doll from the car and returns her to the shelf.

The boy promptly returns to the shelf and retrieves the doll.

The commercial ends with a message. “Playing, just like driving, shouldn’t be a matter of gender. Let’s change the game.”

Whether or not this commercial was a tactic for Audi to sell more cars, it is spreading a positive message that is missing from mainstream media. Boys and girls should know that their gender does not dictate their lives or determine their worth. It is about time that other companies follow Audi’s lead in creating advertisements with a positive message. After all, nothing sells products like gender equality.  

Featured Image by Kārlis Dambrāns on Flickr

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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