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Beauty and the Beast: A Fairytale DIY

Whether you are a fan of the remake or will always hold the original 1991 animated version of Beauty and the Beast dear to your heart, NYMM has found a lovely DIY for you.

Courtesy of HelloGiggles, this DIY will show you how to recreate the mystical enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast! Let’s take a trip to Michaels.

You will need glitter ribbon (Your choice of color! We suggest pink or red), about two to three inches in width. In addition, you will need LED lights, commonly found at craft or furniture stores, a hot glue gun, green paper, and a synthetic stem with leaves, again commonly found at Michaels — our go-to for this particular DIY. For those who want to really go all out for this project, also pick up a 5/8” wood dowel and floral tape.

Follow along with the video for some helpful visuals accompanied by the creator’s great manicure.

First, fold your glitter ribbon in half lengthwise, and then begin rolling the ribbon. After a few rolls, loosely place the stem of the LED lights into your roll. Continue to twist and wrap your ribbon around itself, trying to make the folds look as petal-like as possible. This will be your blooming rose bud!

After this is finished, super-glue the last bit of ribbon to the rest of your rose, and then glue the bottom center of the rose. Create and cut what would look like the green leaves at the base of a rose from your green paper, and glue them onto your rose’s bottom center. Next, place a dot of glue in the center of your leaves and poke your stem onto it.

Here you have your enchanted rose! Feel free to stop here, or continue on for extra enchantment if you are feeling particularly crafty.

Wrap your wood dowel around the bottom half of the stem, and then wrap your floral tape around that (preferably a brown color). This will keep your rose upright, and the tape will keep it hidden. Find a circular wooden coaster or anything similar looking to the base that the enchanted rose stands on, and super glue your rose onto it straight up!

Cover the switch of the LED lights with a synthetic flower petal, preferably the same color as your glitter ribbon. You can also add more petals all around the base if you choose.

Finish off the complete enchanted rose look with a spherical glass cover if you can find one! Whether or not you complete this step, you now have a gorgeous enchanted rose. All you Disney fans will now have a lovely handmade craft to commemorate a classic favorite, and those of you who enjoyed the live-action version can enjoy one more aspect of the film that has now come to life.

Featured Image by Kurman Communications, Inc. on Flickr
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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