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Bend the Knee to the Women of Game of Thrones

In a TV show that regularly features dragons, armies of the undead, and priestesses that can see visions in flames, it might seem odd that one of the most unusual elements of Game of Thrones is not any of the show’s fantastical tendencies.

It’s the women.

The Golden Globe-winning HBO series has been lauded by critics and viewers alike for its array of badass women. The show features not one or two, but an entire cast of powerful female role models, ones who use their own strength and intelligence to survive in a brutal world. Despite the constant upheavals that wrack the fictitious Westeros and its surrounding kingdoms, the women of Game of Thrones refuse to break in the face of extreme violence, insecurity, and chaos; rather, they adapt to their surroundings and become fierce, ruthless warriors and the leaders of great armies.

If you’re looking to inspire your own fearless self, or just to relive some of this season’s most iconic scenes for women, here are some of season 7’s most badass moments:

  • Season 7, episode 1: Teenage killing machine Arya Stark has fans cheering as she enacts her well-deserved revenge on the Frey family, who were responsible for the murder of her brother and mother at an infamous ambush now known as the Red Wedding. Arya has become one of the show’s most well-loved and battle-hardened female characters; while season 1 saw her as a rebellious tomboy resisting expectations to marry, season 7 finds her a fearless, skilled fighter who will stop at nothing to avenge the many wrongs committed against her and her family.
  • Season 7, episode 2: In what has been hailed as one of the show’s most “quietly feminist” moments, a council of powerful women – including the famous Daenerys Targaryen, as well as several other key female characters – meets to discuss war strategy. While this is not one of the show’s more dramatic moments, it is one of the most powerful, as it shows women in the position of authority that is so often denied to them by media portrayals. In fact, studies found that women in television are only 3 percent likely to be portrayed as leaders, compared to 8 percent for men.
  • Season 7, episode 3: In her brother’s absence, Sansa Stark becomes the lady of Winterfell. For non-GoT fans, this means that she is responsible for practically everything, from listening to complaints and securing the castle against intruders to ensuring that the estate has enough bushels of wheat to get all of its inhabitants through the long winter. Throughout the course of the show, Sansa has evolved from a spoiled and entitled tween to a stoic force to be reckoned with.

All of these moments and more can be found in just the first three episodes of season 7. With just one episode left to the season, fans can look forward to several more applause-worthy scenes for women.

More importantly, however, GoT’s message extends beyond the screen and its fictitious characters; the show seems to urge its viewers to harness their own power and to be badasses in the real world.

If Daenerys can do it, so can you.

Featured Image by Gage Skidmore on  Flickr

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