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Black Female-Owned Businesses to Buy From Right Now

Now that media coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement has died down, many of us (including myself) have been struggling to find non-performative ways to continually support the movement and those behind it. However, a simple yet powerful action anyone can take in the name of allyship is buying from black-owned businesses. According to an article from CNN, Black and Latina women are losing jobs at a disproportionately higher rate than the rest of the country. As women of color continue to face the worst effects of the pandemic, there is no better time to support black women than now.

Love Iguehi

Iguehi James founded Love Iguehi in 2016 in Oakland, California. The clothing company showcases African prints inspired by her Nigerian roots while styling the patterns with a modern California flare. Love Iguehi carries many options, including facemasks, headwraps, kaftans, tops, scarves and more.

Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie, founded by Cashmere Nicole, sells “cruelty-free, all-inclusive cosmetics” and preaches messages of women empowerment and self-love. The brand has also been known to speak out against injustices such as The Muslim Ban and human trafficking. The Beauty Bakerie has a large selection of makeup products, including eye shadow palettes, lip products and foundation.


CEO Lexus R.S. Fernandez founded vegan skincare brand Soulita in 2019 and has grown the company immensely ever since. They sell a range of products, including soap, facemasks and essential oils. They even sell custom soap bundles, which can be a sentimental and luxurious gift idea.

Press On Honey

If your nails have been suffering like mine due to many salons remaining closed, Press On Honey is an easy alternative for perfectly manicured nails. The press-on nail company, owned by Jasmine Monroe, flaunts a number of different nail shapes and designs. Monroe, who has been a nail technician for over 6 years, creates a number of unique designs and sends messages of women empowerment through her brand.

Samaria Leah

Fashion designer Samaria Leah has made waves online, showcasing her unique vintage denim pieces. The Los Angeles based brand has taken inspiration from both New York City and Los Angeles. According to her website, Samaria Leah decided to launch after altering and repurposing her vintage clothing items for years. 

CoIX Shoes

Founders Charlotte and Sherene started CoIX Shoes as a response to the struggle to find shoe options that were chic and modern for tall, plus-sized women. Both founders bonded over the fact that they were a size 13 shoe and decided to start their own line after they realized the lack of options for women with larger feet. They have been able to create designs that are fashionable and sturdy. They sell up to a size 13 and offer styles such as heels and boots!

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