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Blinkist: Breeze through Nonfiction

It can be hard to keep up when trying to learn new things and catch up on the latest reading. The books always seem to be piling up, yet we keep getting more and more busy. What if there was a new and different way to learn and absorb books more efficiently? A way to skip the book and just read the summary?

An app called Blinkist is here for all your learning needs.

Blinkist allows you to gain knowledge and new perspectives by providing you with 15-minute
summaries of bestselling nonfiction novels. 
Four friends started the company after jumping headfirst into the real world only to find out that they no longer had enough time to read books.

According to their website, “[These four friends] exchanged notes and book summaries throughout their school years (and aced their exams because of it). Flash forward to 2012 and they’d all gotten jobs and lives and had less time than ever to read. They decided there had to be a better way to learn every day and still keep up with their jobs. And just like that, Blinkist was born! Four years later, we’ve hit a million users and blinked more than 2,000 titles of the world’s best nonfiction, distilling them into key insight summaries you can read in 15 minutes.”

To get started with the app you will need to create a Blinkist account by connecting with Facebook or by using your email address. Next, you will get to choose from over 2,000 nonfiction novels like On the Shortness of LifeBlueprint for Revolution121 First DatesFailing Forward, and Writing My Wrongs. Once you pick a book, you can start reading and enjoy your access to new knowledge and perspectives. The app will start you off with a free trial, which will allow you to read or listen to one new book each day. In order to read more you will have to upgrade to Blinkist Plus or Premium.

You can use the app on your way to work, on the bus, or while winding down for the night. Not only will you be using the app to widen your world, but also you can also use it to boost your professional skills. According to the app’s website, “[you can] learn essential ideas from the best books in your field, ranging from productivity, to business, to science.” You can also “uncover subjects you never knew you loved and become the best you yet with top titles and self-improvement.”

Blinkist truly allows you to keep learning from anywhere, no matter how busy you are. The app is free for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Featured Image by Brittany Stevens on Flickr
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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