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Weddings During Covid-19: These Brides Take to Zoom

Here are some of the most creative ways the world has taken to celebrating weddings, even if they cannot celebrate in real life.

With the onset of COVID-19 and social distancing, many major events, especially weddings, have been forced to cancel indefinitely, with no actual idea of when we will be able to reintegrate ourselves back into normalcy. 

Despite the cancellation of their special days—which simply cannot go on as planned in the face of quarantine— some lovers have chosen to tie the knot anyway, simply rescheduling their wedding reception. The party can go on at any time, but these love birds want to be married even if they’re stuck in quarantine. 

Here are some of the most creative ways the world has taken to celebrating weddings, even if they cannot celebrate in real life. 

1. Zoom Wedding Ceremonies 

Many have taken to sharing a virtual link for their vows, so their family and friends can still tune in from a distance without having to travel or be in the same room. Virtual wedding ceremonies have become quite popular amongst those who hold the day of their wedding to a special value, even if it cannot proceed as planned. Zoom also has a record feature, so the video conference can be recorded for a unique future watch when looking back at the wedding ceremony. 

2. Parking lot wedding ceremony 

Others have utilized the idea of social distancing to their advantage, having guests convene in a large parking lot at an appropriate distance in their cars during the ceremony. Though the reception cannot go on as planned, vows can still be exchanged and guests can participate through open windows and with their car horns, homemade signs, and loud cheers. 

3. Have a parade 

There are no rules against driving around in a parade route with your wedding “guests” after you are married. You could drive around to your friend’s and family’s homes and they can wave and celebrate with you from their driveway or front yard, which has become a popular manner of celebrating COVID-19 birthdays and graduations. 

4. Front Yard Wedding Ceremony 

If your wedding license is issued in the town or city where you reside with your significant other, and many of your family members and friends are also there, stage a wedding ceremony in your front yard! Have a small number of necessary guests (parents, siblings, best friends) wear masks and stand at a social distance on a nice spring day and recreate your special day to the best of your ability. 

5. Reschedule and celebrate in your own way 

Of course many wish to get married in the way they anticipated in lieu of an innovative quarantine way. If you want to reschedule your entire special day to a time when less socially distanced time, you can still celebrate what would have been at home! Make a wedding cake with your future husband/wife, recreate your honeymoon destination in your living room, and dance to your favorite music. 

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