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How to Avoid Burnout

Burnout is incredibly common. If you feel incredible overwhelmed or hopeless at your workload or daily life, you might be experiencing this.

What is Burnout?

Often when we work our hardest and put all of our energy into work, we experience something called burnout. This results from excessive and enduring stress that can arise when we feel overwhelmed and drained. Ultimately, we can experience it from practically anything that brings stress into our lives.

Burnout can make you feel drained of any energy, reducing productivity and motivation and leaving you feel entirely overwhelmed and hopeless. As you try to work through the exhaustion, the effects will just increase and begin to carryover more into your daily life. Thus, it is counterproductive to ignore these feelings, and you should try to counteract them in order to reduce your stress.


Symptoms and signs of burnout included those that are emotional, behavior, and physical. Furthermore, it can be difficult to see these symptoms and understand that you are in fact burnt out. Emotional symptoms include a sense of helplessness, detachment, and isolation. Behavioral symptoms include withdrawing from responsibilities, procrastinating, and taking frustration out on others.

Why does Burnout Occur?

Because every individual is unique and surrounded by different circumstances, burnout can be due to a variety of reasons. Frequently, it stems from work-related issues such as feeling a lack of control over your work, having unclear tasks, and having overly demanding tasks.

Burnout can also be due to lifestyle and/or personality issues. For example, a lack of close social relationships, poor sleep, and taking on too many responsibilities can all lead to this excessive stress. In addition, personality traits such as perfectionism, pessimism, and a need to be in control can cause burnout.

Reducing Burnout

Fortunately there are many strategies we for reducing burnout. Specifically, we can find ways to modify our lifestyles, self-care management, and social relationships. We can make changes in all of these areas that will help reduce the effects of burnout. For example, changing the way we think can involve avoiding self-criticism and recognizing gratitude and positive values. Furthermore, we can improve our relationships by avoiding relationships that feel toxic and learning to be comfortable saying no. Finally, self-care strategies include following a healthy diet, finding creative outlets, and getting outdoors.

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