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Camping During COVID: 10 Tips for Having a Fun and Safe Trip

Don’t let COVID-19 ruin your summer. Venture into the outdoors and spice up your summer with a camping trip! 10 Tips on how to safely enjoy camping amidst a global pandemic.

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As July warmth rolls in, outdoor-lovers will be itching to dig out the camping gear. While it is risky to attend large gatherings as the coronavirus continues to spread, it is possible to safely camp while following the guidelines of the Centers for the Disease Control and Protection. Here are 10 tips for making your summer camping trip memorable during COVID-19 and staying safe. Take back your summer! 

  1. Prepare Food in Advance

Many towns are currently limited in supplies, so come prepared with food and beverages. If you are bringing a stove, you can prepare various meals such as burgers, kabobs, pizzas, and quesadillas. If not, you can bring sandwiches, salads, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, and hummus. Don’t forget s’mores supplies!

  1. Research Location 

Make sure to research the location of your campground beforehand and be aware of the state health guidelines. Be familiar with all of the campground’s policies, as many have modified their guidelines due to COVOD-19. Learn more about open campgrounds here

  1. Prepare for Rain

Do NOT rely on the weather channel or your weather app, as is so easy to avoid being rained on. You can find rain tarps ranging from $16-$50 on AmazonREI,  and DICK’s Sporting Goods.

  1. Bring firewood 

Some campgrounds do not always have firewood, and some are now taking precautions for their safety and health. If you plan to make a fire, be prepared with enough firewood and make sure it is dry!.

  1. Prioritize your Health

As the pandemic continues to spread, it is important that we nurture our health. When camping in a public space, continue to socially distance yourself, frequently wash your hands, and wear face masks when around many people. 

  1. Bring Sweatshirts and Blankets

As someone who has scarified the extra blanket for a lighter load, trust me when I say you never want to forget an extra layer. Nights can get painfully cold, so think ahead.

  1. Try New Things

Many of us are still social distancing, but yearning to enjoy the summer nevertheless. Explore the nature and wildlife around you, build a fire, and learn how to skip rocks. If you are camping on a lake, consider going for a dip and taking in the views. 

  1. Pack Accordingly

Think about what to pack based on weather conditions and location. Many places during the summer tend to muggy and buggy, so sunscreen and bug spray are essentials. 

  1. Leave no Traces

Appreciate that you are being welcomed into the home of wildlife and nature. Just as you would be gracious and thoughtful when in the home of your friends, treat nature with respect. 

  1. Don’t go MIA

While it can be tempting to go completely off the map and take some well-deserved, uninterrupted time, it is important to recognize the reality of the current condition of our country and the necessity for communication. Let at least someone know where you are going and check in with them if they have concerns.

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