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Cassey Ho: Your Personal Trainer

YouTube star Cassey Ho rose to fame for her fun, innovative, and effective fitness channel “Blogilates,” which has amassed over three million subscribers and counting. The plot twist? You will not need your credit card to watch her videos; all you need is an Internet connection and a yoga mat (or just the floor of your bedroom).

Cassey’s videos, dubbed “Pop Pilates,” are a mixture of ab training, booty lifting, and complete body sculpting exercises that are performed using only your body’s abilities. No extra equipment is needed. This light, low-maintenance format is not the only reason viewers keep coming back for the next video installment: Cassey becomes the viewer’s own personal trainer, and her fun, personable, and motivational attitude has earned her quite a reputation. She is credited for many of the transformation photos and videos posted all over social media.

Cassey keeps her videos upbeat, with music and friendly chatter. She creates a comfortable environment in her videos that an actual gym may not be able to mimic. Cassey also creates the kind of positive atmosphere in her videos that has subscribers and newcomers alike consistently motivated to click on the next video.

“Blogilates” has tons of videos on every kind of exercise you might want to help you reach your dream fitness goals. A few of her playlists include “Arms and Upper Body Workouts,” “Legs and Thighs,” and even the highly coveted “Booty and Swimsuit Slimdown Series.” Do not be fooled, though. Cassey does not want you to change who you are. She wants you to be your best you by not only looking great, but feeling great about yourself, and by unlocking your potential during your fitness journey.

Cassey offers her training talent for free on YouTube, and she has certainly seen her work pay off with national recognition.

“Blogilates” has not stopped at just online workout videos. Cassey provides fitness calendars for her website subscribers and has dedicated some of her videos to delicious and healthy snacks that anyone can make to keep up their healthy living goals. Her book Hot Body Year Round, the Pop Pilates Plan to Get Slim, Eat Clean, and Live Happy Through Every Season perks up the reader’s mood with motivational tips, while helping them learn how to feel good through daily exercise and clean living.

Cassey’s personality is bubbly and inspiring, but do not let it fool you into thinking she will go easy on you. With Cassey’s time-friendly yet action-packed videos, you will find yourself breaking a sweat in a short span of time – and you will also be feeling it tomorrow. In Cassey’s own words, though, “love the pain!” because it means that you are strengthening your body’s capabilities.

Treat yourself to a dose of Blogilates, and we promise you will be clicking that subscribe button soon after. We’ll meet you in cardio!

Featured Image by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

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